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 Guest Peruvian Chef Adolfo Perret Demonstration

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We are proud to announce an exclusive cuisine demonstration with guest Peruvian Chef, Adolfo Perret in collaboration with The French Embassy on Wednesday, November 23rd 2016.
Chef Adolfo Perret has found success in his five restaurants through constant innovation of his dishes, while staying true to his ancestral techniques and sourcing only the most sustainable ingredients.
Enjoy the sights of Peru through his Three cebiches, three stories demonstration, which include; Northern cebiche, Creole cebiche style, Nikkei cebiche and Petriotic tiradito with quinua caviar and hearts of palm.
The demonstration will also include a tasting, which is as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the pallet. Be prepared to be delighted by a unique culinary experience!

Wednesday, November 23rd 2016 from 5:00 – 7:00pm | Salle Cointreau, Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Campus
Tasting Included | Free Demonstration | Reserve Your Place Here – (seats are limited)

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Saturday Short Courses

Saturday Short Courses

Attention all culinary enthusiasts! We are pleased to announce the launch of our first half of 2017 Saturday short courses, a full schedule of classes ranging from pastry to cuisine. Taught by your favorite Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Chef instructors, these courses offer something for everyone, from beginner to industry professional.

Stef Scrivens Ottawa Alumni

Meet Professional Pastry Chef and Ottawa Alumni, Stef Scrivens

Stef Scrivens is a Pastry Chef by passion and she's serious about dessert! As a 2012 Diplôme de Pâtisserie graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa, she has a wealth of experience when it comes to transforming everyday ingredients into exquisite desserts. Whether she's creating her favorite tequila lime pie, or staging at Michelin Star restaurants, her journey as a professional pastry Chef has been interesting to say the least.

 Le Cordon Bleu® Recipes of the month

Recipe: Grilled scallops, fennel, avocado and pomegranate salad, passion fruit dressing, sesame tuile

This surprising dish combines various flavours; the sweetness of scallops, the acidity of passion fruit, and a refreshing twist from the fennel, avocado and pomegranate salad. A sesame tuile provides a crunchy texture.


2017 Programmes

Grand Diplome

Grand Diplôme®

GRAND DIPLÔME® programme will provide you with cuisine and pastry techniques required of today's top culinary professionals.



Master basic to advanced culinary techniques which can be applied to any style of cuisine. Explore French culinary tradition, cuisines and current trends from around the world.

Pâtisserie Artisan bread and baking course


Courses range from initiation, short courses and basic through advanced pastry techniques to boutique style desserts, world delicacies and precise techniques.