Le Cordon Bleu Australia - Newsletter October 2022

Newsletter October 2022 
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Alumnus Kevin Oh sitting in his restaurant, Jane, in Sydney's Surry Hills

Alumni Video Series: Meet Kevin Oh

Upon arriving in Australia at the age of 18, Kevin was determined to try his hand at cooking by preparing his first ever meal - pasta with pre-made sauce and packet cheese. Fast-forward to 2022 and he is now a fully-fledged group head chef at not one, but two fine dining restaurants in Sydney's Surry Hills. We got to know Kevin as part of Le Cordon Bleu Australia's Alumni Video Series.

Hand delicately placing microherbs onto mushroom and Vegemite risotto

Recipe: Mushroom and Vegemite risotto

Vegemite - it's uniquely Australian and a salty staple ingredient in most households across the nation. This World Food Day, Le Cordon Bleu Melbourne chef and lecturer Mariano Velazquez has created a mushroom and Vegemite risotto that will have everyone wanting more.

Attica head chef Matt Boyle and, right, Attica dish

Hospitality talk with chef Matt Boyle

To celebrate International Chef's Day this month, we caught up with head chef Matt Boyle. Matt has been cooking up a storm for the past 12 years, and currently heads the kitchen of Melbourne restaurant Attica - one of Le Cordon Bleu Australia's industry partners.

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