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Le Cordon Bleu News, 10/06/2015
Women gain ground in Le Cordon Bleu Madrid
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Women in Le Cordon Bleu Madrid
















We are used to saying that the stoves of haute cuisine are dominated by men, but Le Cordon Bleu Madrid’s reality it’s much more feminine.

For a couple of months now, the Spanish headquarters of Le Cordon Bleu has been directed by Rosario Barrios, one of the key figures in the creation of the institution in our country.

Her arrival as General Manager has coincide with the signing of Amandine Finger, a young pastry chef who, along with Natalia Vázquez, Spanish cuisine chef, has become an essential figure of the teaching team in the School. 

But they haven’t been the only women to stand out in this last academic year in Le Cordon Bleu Madrid. One of the last promotions to graduate from the school had the honour of having the well-known chef, María Marte, as a godmother, Head Chef of the two Michelin-starred restaurant, El Club Allard, and winner of the Premio Nacional de Gastronomía 2015 (National Gastronomy Award 2015).

All of these women are an example of the change that the haute cuisine world is experimenting, and the new role that women are taking as key characters of the gastronomical scene. But, the truth is, that women have always had an important weight in Le Cordon Bleu.

In 1895, French journalist Martha Distel started a publication called “The Cordon Bleu Cook” (“La Cuisinière Cordon Bleu”), which revolutionized the world of the culinary arts, until then overtook by men. Her great initiative resulted in the creation of the international network of Le Cordon Bleu schools that we know today.

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