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Le Cordon Bleu News, 03/28/2014
Vanilla panna cotta with basil-infused citrus fruits
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About this recipe

This is a light panna cotta made using a combination of milk and cream. The infusion of vanilla and cardamom in the panna cotta marries with the citrus fruits and basil creating a simple aromatic and fresh dessert which can be made ahead of time.

Recipe - Vanilla panna cotta with basil-infused citrus fruits

Serves: 6

Preparation time: 40 minutes
Chilling time: 1 hour
Total time: 1 hour and 40 minutes

In this recipe:

  • orange
  • clementine
  • vanilla beans
  • basil leaves
  • gelatin leaves





Citrus jelly
150 ml mixed citrus fruit juice (combination of orange, grapefruit and lemon to taste)
50 g sugar
1 gelatin leaf (2 g)
Vanilla panna cotta
4 gelatin leaves (8 g)
500 ml milk
100 ml whipping cream
35 g sugar
3 vanilla beans (pods), cut lengthwise, seeds scraped out
2 cardamom pods, broken to release the seeds
Basil-infused citrus fruits
100 g kumquats
1 orange
1 ruby grapefruit
1 clementine
6 basil leaves
100 g sugar
50 ml water
basil leaves
Note: 6 x 8 cm individual dariole or dessert molds

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  1. Citrus jelly: In a pan bring the mixed citrus fruit juice to a boil. Add sugar and stir until dissolved then remove from the heat. Place the gelatin leaf into a bowl of cold water until softened, about 5 minutes. Remove from the water and squeeze to remove excess water. Add into the hot fruit juice and stir until dissolved. Pour into molds and refrigerate until set, about 15 minutes.
  2. Vanilla panna cotta: Place the gelatin leaves into a bowl of cold water until softened, about 5 minutes. Remove the gelatin leaves from the water and squeeze to remove excess water. In a saucepan, bring milk, cream, sugar, vanilla and cardamom seeds just to a boil, stirring with a metal spoon to dissolve the sugar. Remove from the heat and add softened gelatin, stirring until dissolved. Leave uncovered to infuse for 20 minutes. Strain through a fine mesh sieve (chinois) into a bowl set over a bowl of ice. Stir regularly until cool and just starting to thicken. Pour into the molds containing citrus jelly, ensuring the jelly has set. Refrigerate until set, about 1 hour.
  3. Basil-infused citrus fruits: Place the kumquats in a pan with enough water to cover. Cook until soft, about 5 minutes, and then drain. Peel and segment the orange, grapefruit and clementine. Reserve any fruit juices in the bowl. Add fruit segments to the kumquats. Tear basil leaves to release their flavors and add to the fruit. Bring the sugar, water and reserved fruit juices to a boil in a saucepan. Reduce the heat and simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Pour over the fruits and allow to marinate until completely cooled.
  4. To serve: When the panna cotta has set, using fingertips gently loosen the panna cotta away from the mold, dip the base of each mold into boiling water for 10 seconds and invert onto a serving plate. Remove and discard the torn basil leaves. Spoon the citrus fruits around the panna cotta and decorate with fresh basil leaves.

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