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Le Cordon Bleu News, 04/02/2014
Turkish Cuisine workshop
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At Le Cordon Bleu Paris

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Culinary workshop: Turkish cuisine

On Saturday March 22th, Le Cordon Bleu was honored to welcome Leyla Guz-Brossard, author of Mes Recettes turques and Les Meilleurs Recettes turques cookbooks, to give a Turkish Cuisine workshop.

Leyla Guz-Brossard was accompanied by Le Cordon Bleu Paris Chef Instructor Iman Bogen.  They amalgamated their know-how to give a cuisine lesson based on a discovery of Turkish culinary ingredients, flavors and techniques.

Numerous meals have been prepared: tartare meat balls, circassian style chicken, rice pilaf, stuffed zucchini and yoghurt sauce
Seven participants attended the culinary workshop, including one of our Le Cordon Bleu Paris alumni, Héctor Lara Cabañas, and the culinary blogger Tansu Saritayli.

Tansu Saritayli wrote an article about her experience at Le Cordon Bleu.

The seven participants, from different countries such as the United-States, Italy, Mexico and France, were delighted to discover the harmony of flavors as well as the historic and cultural wealth of Turkish cuisine.

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  • This workshop also provided the opportunity to celebrate the Turkish culinary traditions such as the Turkish coffee.  Learn more about the Turkish coffee.

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