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Le Cordon Bleu News, 03/15/2013
Opening of our NEW CLASS in the 'Professional Thai Cuisine Program' @Le Cordon Bleu Dusit
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The next intake for our new Professional Thai Cuisine course will be April 22nd 2013 but there are only 15 places available for this intake so please book early to avoid missing out. The class will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30-19.00 hrs.

The 540-hour course, conducted over 30 weeks, is accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE) and provides innovative training in the art of Thai Cuisine. Thai cuisine is now considered by culinary experts as one of the “great” cuisines of the world and quality Thai restaurants can be found in most major cities across the globe.

The course, taught in English and Thai, caters for Thai and international students. Students are introduced to the background and history of Thai Cuisine and learn how to use local cooking utensils such as the mortar and pestle, the brass wok, the bamboo steamer, and learn fruit and vegetable carving too. Students will visit fresh markets such as the bustling Nontaburi market, travelling there by boat on the mighty Chao Phaya River, and also the well-known Chinatown market. These culinary excursions focus on teaching students how to identify core ingredients of Thai cuisine and how to select and identify “fresh” ingredients such as fish, meats, and other herbs and spices fundamental to Thai cooking.

In addition, management subjects have been added to the program. These modules include: Fundamentals of Accounting and Cost Control for Restaurants, Menu Planning and Menu Engineering. There is also a team-activity where our Thai and International students join together in small groups to open an “imaginary” Thai restaurant – they come up with the concept and design of the restaurant – set a menu - and actually prepare and serve their menu items to staff of the school and local VIP’s. The restaurant project is a unique and rewarding part of our course and will surely help those students who plan to open a Thai restaurant either here or abroad in the future …

For more infprmation, please visit Professional Thai Cuisine Programme or

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