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Le Cordon Bleu News, 02/03/2014
The best way to prepare soufflé dishes or ramekins
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Technique : The best way to prepare soufflé dishes or ramekins
Prepare a soufflé using the recipe of your choice. The following technique is the same whatever the size of the ramekin or dish.
Le bon geste pour préparer des moules à soufflé The best way to prepare soufflé ramekins The best way to prepare soufflé dishes
Brush the ramekins with butter. Dust evenly with sugar, tipping out the excess. Divide the soufflé mixture evenly between the ramekins and smooth with a spatula. Run your thumb around the inside rim of the ramekin to open a 5 mm channel, which will allow the soufflé mixture to rise cleanly and evenly during cooking. Cook according to the directions indicated in the recipe.
This technique has been used in the following recipes :
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