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Le Cordon Bleu News, 04/30/2012
Le Cordon Bleu London Tea Party
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Once again, Le Cordon Bleu London hosted a marvellous Tea Party
On the 19th of April, Le Cordon Bleu London campus hosted a very special event. Once again, Superior Patisserie carried out a Tea Party, which allows them to display their skills and techniques to guests. In this event, which takes place twice a term, students not only create the delicious pastries but also serve them to their chosen guests.
This is a truly unique event, where guests have a table full of the finest French patisserie and get the chance to interact with students, eager to show and explain their crafts in detail.
In this event, most of the students are, for the first time, presenting their work of art to the public. It’s impressive how they can provide guests with a wonderful afternoon, full of the best flavors you can think of.
London is the only Le Cordon Bleu School to hold such an event, and this has now become a tradition.
Tea Parties are currently open for Superior students and their guests. It’s a special opportunity for our students to showcase their skills to friends and family in the nice atmosphere of our news facilities at 15 Bloomsbury Square.

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