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Le Cordon Bleu News, 01/30/2014
Chef Poupard, jury member for the “Jeunes Talents Restaurateurs de France” competition
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"Jeunes Talents Restaurateurs de France" competition -February 3, 2014

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Chef Poupard, jury member for the “Jeunes Talents Restaurateurs de France” competition
The final of the “Jeunes Talents Restaurateurs de France” competition will take place on February 3rd 2014. The 4th edition will feature Chef Poupard as jury member.
The “Jeunes Talents Restaurateurs de France” competition, which was created in 2010, brings together the best apprentices or students who stem from “Restaurateurs de France” or “Maître Restaurateurs” training.
Each year, the competition unfolds in three stages:
Stage - 1 Stage - 2 Stage - 3
Selection of applicants Qualifying heats with the selection of 6 finalists The final at Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts
The 6 finalists of the 4th edition:
  • Quentin Guillermic, Flora Danica and Copenhague restaurants (Maison du Danemark), 8th arrondissement in Paris
  • Fanny Jerome, La Palette restaurant in Wettolsheim (Haut-Rhin)
  • Emmanuel Lalia, L’Ecurie restaurant in Carcassonne (Aude)
  • Romain Paillet, Auberge Pen Ar Vir in Loctudy (Finistère)
  • Sébastien Pires, Aux Saveurs du Marché restaurant, 17 th arrondissement in Paris
  • Jordan Vignal, Le Refuge des Gourmets restaurant in Machilly (Haute-Savoie)
During the final, which lasts 4 hours, they will compete against one another to make a main course and a dessert for 4 people. “Lamb with 3 garnishes” will be the dish to have place of honor whereas the dessert will be on the theme of “childhood memories reinterpreted”. The dishes prepared will then be presented to the Jury who will award the prizes. The awards ceremony will be followed by a gala dinner.
So, who will take over from 2012-2013 winner, Alice Moussan?

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