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Le Cordon Bleu News, 10/01/2013
And the winners are!
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Le Cordon Bleu’s online video competition in Taiwan

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Le Cordon Bleu Taiwan video contest

Le Cordon Bleu’s online video competition in Taiwan

And the winners are!

On the 30 Sep at National Kaohisung Univeristy of Hospitality and Tourism the final nervous contestants in this long running competition fought it out against each other to determine the final four winners of the Le Cordon Bleu scholarships. Our esteemed judges from the semi-final met once again to inspire, demonstrate and finally judge the finalists dishes.

Each finalist watched a demonstration of Chef Philippe Clergue preparing the two dishes that they then had to emulate perfectly. The final 5 watched as Chef Clergue prepared OEUF EN MEURETTE, MOUILLETTES FROTTÉES À L'AIL (Eggs poached in red wine, bread fingers rubbed with garlic) and ANANAS RÔTI AUX ÉPICES, COMPTE DE POMMES AU THYM (Pineapple roasted with spices, apple compote with thyme). With one and half hours each finalist then had to prepare these two dishes to perfection to be in the final four winners circle. Joanna Liu was also on hand offering a little advice before the contestants started to prepare, and to calm any nerves!

Judges Patrick Su, Joanna Liu and Chef Philippe Clergue then met to decide who would win based on the finalist's attitude during the demonstration and practice, their skills in the preparation of the dishes as well as in the areas of presentation, taste, technique and similarity. Marks were awarded for each, ensuing that the competition was fairly balanced across the different aspects of chef practice.

Overall the day was a challenging but rewarding experience for all the finalists and once again highlighted the depth of talent that there is in amateur cooking. The competition has been a huge success overall and has not only promoted Le Cordon Bleu internationally but also supported local culinary stars and ingredients.

Le Cordon Bleu would like to thank all that participated in this momentous competition, especially the judges throughout including Chef Philippe Clergue, Joanna Liu, Patrick Su, Chef Yuji Toyonaga and all the contestants who participated.

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