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Le Cordon Bleu News, 08/25/2013
Le Cordon Bleu Chefs Taiwanese adventures
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Chef Eric Bédiat and Chef Jean-Jacques Tranchant

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Le Cordon Bleu Taiwan video contest

Chef Eric Bédiat and Chef Jean-Jacques Tranchant

Both Chef Eric Bédiat and Chef Jean-Jacques Tranchant from Le Cordon Bleu Paris have been busy in Taiwan conduction one-off special demonstrations for chefs, alumni and local entrepreneurs as well as several interviews and appearances on TV shows such as 'The Pâtisserie with No Name' and 'The Amazing Truth'. Following on from their judging commitments during the competition to determine the finalists for each of the competitive rounds, both Chefs are now on the publicity trail enjoying the limelight.

Chef Eric Bédiat conducted a culinary adventure for Le Cordon Bleu and Gourmet Taiwan with cuisine focussing on traditional French culinary techniques utilising Taiwanese ingredients, over fifty organisations attending the demonstration day. And an Alumni event was also held with both Chef Bédiat and Chef Tranchant at Madam Ko’s cooking studio, in which Chef Tranchant demonstrated his skills to over fourty alumni graduates from all over the world. Both Chefs will now continue to run demonstrations and masterclasses in the lead up to the final of the competition.

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