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              Storytelling Food Photography with Executive Chef Yannick and Food Photographer Nick Ghattas

              Did you know it can take up to 4-hours for the perfect food shot? Or that a trick to shooting ice-cream is using mash potatoes? We take you beyond the plate to the story behind those beautifully plated dishes in your Instagram feeds in this video produced 'à la minute' with Signatures Restaurant, Executive Chef Yannick Anton and Professional Food Photographer Nick Ghattas.

              When you work with a Chef as skilled as Yannick the photos
              almost take themselves.

              - Nick Ghattas

              Behind every great food shot is more than lighting, props and composition, it's knowing what it takes to compose the perfect shot and having the creative ability and confidence to execute the vision.

              Chef Yannick Anton began his career with Chef Michel Devillers at L’Ane Rouge, a highly coveted Michelin star restaurant. It was there where he perfected his skill in cuisine, mastering the most advanced culinary techniques. Chef Anton was appointed Executive Chef of Signatures Restaurant at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa in November 2006.

              Nick Ghattas a self-taught and passionate photographer specializing in food and drink photography, who previously worked for Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa in digital production, believes “people eat with their eyes first”.

              Food Photography Le Cordon Bleu

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