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Le Cordon Bleu News, 09/18/2014
Le Cordon Bleu Daikanyama’s School Festival
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French Culinary Techniques Around the World



Le Cordon Bleu Daikanyama’s Annual School Festival will be held on October 13th (Monday/holiday). This year’s festival is devoted to the development of French culinary techniques around the world.

On the day, we will offering a variety of activities that will appeal to all five senses including: participating in trial demonstration/practical classes and tasting sessions and we will also be presenting recipes that featured in the movie, “The Hundred-Foot Journey,” (Distributed by Walt Disney Japan; screening nationwide from Saturday, Nov. 1st.), which has continued to promote French cuisine around the world. As an extra treat, the public can view the 1906 recipe book used in the film, as it will be exhibited in one of the demonstration rooms. At La Boutique, current students will make and sell a menu designated by the chefs and graduate students will run the “Alumni Market” featuring a variety of stalls.

OPEN10:00/CLOSE 16:30 (Last order for dine-in customers in the Café at 16:30pm)

The Hundred-Foot Journey
will be released 1st November

This is a heart warming movie about Madame Mallory, who runs a prestigious restaurant in the South of France, and the feud that erupts with a family from India, who open up an incompatible restaurant across the road. Hassan is the second eldest son of the Indian family and a talented chef whose deceased mother, who was also a cook, always taught him that “taste matters.” During the feud, Hassan decides he wants to learn French culinary techniques and takes inspiration from a recipe book from Le Cordon Bleu. We feel that Le Cordon Bleu students across the world share Hassan’s passion for cooking, and “The Hundred-Foot Journey” is definitely a movie for those who love to cook. We have organized a variety of events at the School Festival in which you can experience French culinary techniques from the perspective of the movie.

Special Demonstration

Our cuisine, pastry and bakery chefs, who represent each of the sections at Le Cordon Bleu Daikanyama, will commemorate the School Festival by demonstrating their respective techniques. The chefs took inspiration from the film to create original recipes in accordance with the Festival theme of French culinary techniques.

・Cuisine: Demonstration and Tasting Session with Master chef Dominique Corby「Beef Bourguignon á la Hassan」
・Pastry: Demonstration and Tasting Session with Technical Director Yuji Toyonaga [Fruit Tartlet] from the pastry chef at Madame   Mallory’s Restaurant “Le Saule Pleureur”
・Bakery: Demonstration and Tasting Session with Technical Director Stephane Reinat [Orange Cake Style Yoghurt Bread]

>> More details, Reservation (Japanese)

Trial Lesson

・French Cuisine Trial Lesson “Omelet” from the movie, “The Hundred-Foot Journey”

>> For more details, Reservation (Japanese)

・French Pastry Trial Lesson “Cupcakes with your favorite topping”

>> For more details, Reservation (Japanese)

・French Bakery Trial Lesson “Chausson Indien (Spicy Apple Turnovers)”

>> For more details, Reservation (Japanese)

Tea Program / Coffee Program Trial Lesson

・Tea class "Bringing out the best of an assortment of Indian teas”
・Coffee class「Different Ways to Enjoy Coffee Around the World」

>> For more details, Reservation (Japanese)


※All of the trial demonstration and practical classes at the School Festival are free and will be run by the Cordon Bleu chefs. They will be conducted in Japanese (or with a Japanese interpreter).
※Application is available by PC
※Free trial lessons are limited to 1 per person so that as many people as possible can participate.
※Trial lesson is available for aged 18 years or over.
※For lesson enquiries, contact us: TEL 03-5489-0141 Mail :

Current Students Make & Sell Chef’s Menu (La Boutique)

Place: La Boutique Café – Eat-in & take-out (1st floor)

<Movie “The Hundred-Foot Journey” Special Package>

*Advance Sale Movie Ticket & Madeleine Set 2,000 yen


<Original recipes inspired by the movie “The Hundred-Foot Journey”>

・Madeleine (3 piece set)
・Citrus Almond Cake (1 slice)
・Raspberry & Blueberry Tart (1 slice)
・Spiced Mini Baguette, Small roll, Curry Croissant (3 piece set)
・Danish Sandwich
・Vegetarian Pita Sandwich
・Spicy Chicken Sandwich
・Indian Sandwich Loaf (curry flavor)
・Indian Spiced Brioche (contains fig)
・Indian Spiced Tomato Soup
・Marinated vegetable salad
・Quiche Lorraine

・Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Puff (1 piece)

500 yen each ※Payment via tickets (1 ticket: 500 yen, available at reception on the day)

French BBQ & Beer Stand

<Original recipes inspired by the movie: “The Hundred-Foot Journey” >

・Spicy hot dog
・3 curry sauces + naan
・Barbequed “Tikka” chicken with basmati rice
・Draft Beer

500 yen each ※Payment via tickets (1 ticket: 500 yen, available at reception on the day)

“Le Cordon Bleu Alumni Market”

Special Guest: Yukiko Omori – French Pastry & Cuisine Grand Diploma Graduate

Items for sale: 6 types of baked pastries, rare traditional molds, books etc.
*Mini demonstration: [Gluten-free Visitandine] (schedule announced on the day)

French Restaurant “Cheval de Hyotan”

Items for sale: Homemade vegetable terrine, French charcuterie: pâté, ham, rillettes etc.

Pâtisserie Le Petit Pot

Items for sale: Brioche, macaroons, chocolate, sable and cheese, petit pâté (French style meat pie) and other savory items.

Ne peut pas oublier

Items for sale: miscellaneous goods from around the world

Wine and Craft Beer Bar Aquiano

Items for sale: Japanese original wine (Tasting samples available)

Boulangerie Mosaique Boulangerie Mosaique

Items for sale: Black soybean petit baguette, Tropezienne made with Shizuoka citrus fruits and tea etc

Le Cordon Bleu Items for Sale

A variety of gourmet goods including original galettes and tea.

※Please pay for items in cash (credit cards and tickets cannot be used)



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