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Le Cordon Bleu News, 06/01/2012
Peruvian Cuisine Demonstration at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa
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Demo by Chef Lizardo of the Peru Embassy

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Hosts Peruvian Cuisine Demo for Students



Ottawa, ON (May 26, 2012) - Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa hosted a Peruvian Cuisine demo for current students last weekend. The demonstration was done by Chef Lizardo of the Peru Embassy here in Ottawa.

The dishes that Chef Lizardo prepared included Causa, Mazammora Morada, Alfajores, and Lomo Saltado. Here are quick descriptions of the dishes:

Causa: a very popular summer dish in Peru featuring layers of spicy mashed potato, tilapia, egg, avocado, and more. Typically served as an appetizer.

Mazammora Morada: a staple in Peruvian households. Made with fruit, purple maize, and spices. Has a thick molasses like consistency but a very unique flavour.

Alfajores: a sweet Peruvian cookie (similar to short bread) that is filled with Dulce De Leche or other thick syrups. The final cookie is rolled in shredded coconut and dusted with icing sugar.

Lomo Saltado: Influenced by Chinese cuisine, the dish is Peru's most famous stir-fry and includes beef, tomatoes, onions, and a spicy sauce. The stir-fry is then topped with French Fries

For pictures from the demonstration, visit:

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