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Le Cordon Bleu News, 05/18/2012
Success of intensive programs and opening of a new group for Basic Cuisine Certificate in July
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between July 2nd and August 10th

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Success of intensive programs and opening of a new group for Basic Cuisine Certificate in July
Le Cordon Bleu Madrid announces vacancies for our cuisine intensive programs. Due to the interest generated and the high volume of applications received to pursue this new alternative to Classic Cycles, the School of Madrid has decided to open a second group. In this way, the students conditioned by the length of the programs that were out of vacancies will again have the opportunity to earn their certificates in the summer session.
The Intensive Basic Cuisine Certificate, comprised between July 2nd and August 10th, is part of the programs we actually offer in Le Cordon Bleu Madrid for 2012. These intensive programs allow the students to take our Classic Cycles in half the time, with the same curriculum and teaching hours.
Those who are willing to join Le Cordon Bleu Madrid to study pastry intensive programs can still enroll either in July or in September.

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