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Le Cordon Bleu News, 06/16/2015
Meet Chef Julie Walsh
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June 2015

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Meet Chef Julie Walsh
Meet Chef Julie Walsh
This month meet Chef Julie Walsh, our very own celebrity chef. From working at elite hotels to owning her own cake decorating business to undertaking celebrity commissions Chef Julie has done it all!...

What’s in your fridge?

Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh pasta, steak, chicken breast, yoghurts, Cheese Strings, Dairylea Triangles, sausages (not all for me - I’m sure you can spot a few of my son’s favourites). Also a few tubs of leftovers, as they say ‘once a chef always a chef’, I never quite got the hang of downsizing my recipes! Finally, of course absolutely no butter, cream, champagne, wine or chocolate – you do believe me don’t you?!

What is the most unusual item you have created out of chocolate/sugar/cake?

I have done so many over the years it’s hard to choose. One of my favourites was a life-size Wurlitzer duke box made out of solid chocolate that played music. It weighed about 80 kg and was for the wedding of a famous musician. It played a track he had written and recorded for his bride, and at the reception the children were asked to smash open the front part so that thousands of M&M’s came spilling out - only the red ones of course – very rock star!

Who has been your favourite person to cook for?

Regardless of all the celebrities I have cooked for, nothing comes close to being able to cook for and with my son. Watching him grow up to appreciate good food is very rewarding. I think it is very important for every child to learn the difference between freshly cooked foods and processed foods, and for them to understand where food comes from and the impact it can have on their lives. Making the right choices with food can start from a very early age.

If you could teach your students one thing what would it be?

Knowledge is meant to be shared so learn your lessons, perfect your technique and pass it on. You never stop learning, no matter how much you think you know. Even now I still like to learn new techniques and our industry is constantly evolving, so the learning curve never ends, it just becomes a little more gentle.

What’s your earliest cooking memory?

Definitely my Mum’s home cooking. I was very lucky that she was able to stay home and look after me when I was growing up, so she would always make fresh meals from scratch. She was quite experimental – I will never forget her first attempt at making curry – thankfully my taste buds have now fully recovered! She was very proficient at making her repertoire of recipes and never used a recipe book (or scales for that matter!). There were always freshly baked biscuits and cakes at home, which made me very popular at school. It wasn’t unusual for our house to be inundated with groups of ‘friends’ after school!

What is your favourite pastry chef gadget?

My Kitchen Aid mixer – actually I have three – which is perhaps too many?! But I must confess I like to accessorize with colours, so every time I redecorate the kitchen it’s time for a new one! I have so many gadgets that are rarely used, but my Kitchen Aid is the workhorse of my kitchen.

What do you like to make with your son Rowan?

He loves making cakes, muffins and cookies, especially the mixing and decorating parts. However, just like his Mum, he’s not a great fan of actually eating his creations, so we usually end up giving them away to friends and neighbours. He also likes helping with my ‘mise en place’ when I make dinner – he is getting very proficient at slicing and peeling vegetables – although his ‘turned’ mushrooms could do with a little more work!

Master Chef Julie Walsh is Head Pâtisserie Chef and oversees all pastry programmes in our London school.
Advanced pastry techniques are taught in our Diplôme de Pâtisserie (in 9 months or 6 months). Students also have the opportunity to learn modernist pâtisserie techniques when enrolling for our Diploma in Culinary Management.



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