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Le Cordon Bleu News, 09/24/2014
White chocolate and Matcha green tea cones
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Paris recipe

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About this recipe

Le Cordon Bleu Paris Chefs' are both autumnal and audacious with this surprising dessert which contains delicate Asian flavors. The use of a green glaze which evokes the color of Matcha green tea, which is extremely popular in Asia, and the use of sesame rather than the usual almonds in the nougatine, makes this an original pastry.

Recipe - White chocolate and matcha green tea cones

Serves: 6

In this recipe:

  • Matcha green tea
  • white sesame seeds
  • white chocolate
  • ground almonds
  • vanilla bean





Sesame seed nougatine
100 g to 150 g white sesame seeds
125 g sugar
50 ml water
50 g glucose
Green tea Joconde "biscuit" sponge
4 eggs
140 g ground almonds
110 g unrefined raw sugar
4 g Matcha green tea powder
40 g flour
1 vanilla bean (pod), scraped
35 g butter, melted
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4 egg whites
50 g sugar
White chocolate mouse
250 ml whipping cream
110 g white chocolate
2 gelatin leaves (4 g)
50 ml milk
gelatin leaves (3 g)
25 ml water
50 g sugar
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
50 g glucose
80 g white chocolate
35 g condensed milk
yellow and green food coloring
jasmine blossoms

Note: 1 x 7 cm pastry cutter
Note: Mold with 7 cm conical indents

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  1. Sesame seed nougatine: Toast the sesame seeds in an oven preheated to 90°C for 15 minutes. Prepare a nougatine using sesame seeds instead of almonds. Pour onto an oiled surface and use a rolling pin to roll out to a thickness of roughly 5 mm. Leave to cool and cut out sesame seed nougatine disks using a pastry cutter. Set aside.
  2. Matcha Green tea Joconde "biscuit" sponge: Increase the oven temperature to 220°C. Whisk together the eggs, ground almonds, raw sugar, Matcha green tea powder, flour and the vanilla bean seeds. Add the warm melted butter. Whisk the egg whites to firm peaks; sprinkle and whisk in the sugar in two separate batches. Without delay, gently fold into the Matcha green tea mixture. Spread onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet to 1 cm thickness. Bake in the oven for 6 to 8 minutes. Remove from the oven and leave to cool on the parchment paper on a wire rack. Use the pastry cutter to cut out 6 disks and remove the paper.
  3. White chocolate mousse: Soak gelatin leaves in cold water until softened, remove and squeeze out excess water. Whisk the cream until firm peaks cling to the whisk. Melt the white chocolate over a bain-marie heated to 35°C. Squeeze out excess water from the gelatin leaves. Heat the milk, remove from the heat and add the softened gelatin. Pour into the melted chocolate whisking vigorously. Add one-third of the whipped cream to the warm white chocolate mixture and whisk vigorously. Add remaining whipped cream and mix well. Divide the white chocolate mousse between the conical mold indents, filling to 1 cm from the surface. Place a green tea Joconde "biscuit" sponge disk on each. Freeze until the cones harden.
  4. Glaze: Soften the gelatin sheets in cold water, remove and squeeze out excess water. Make syrup: put the water and sugar in a pan and bring to a boil. Once boiling point has been reached, remove from the heat; add the glucose, the softened gelatin and the white chocolate and whisk. Lastly add the condensed milk and food colorings. Cool to 32°C. Unmold the cones onto a wire rack, place over a hotel pan. Pour the glaze over the cones. Retrieve the glaze from the hotel pan and pour over the cones a second time to fully coat and achieve an even glaze. Freeze to set glaze.
  5. Finish: Carefully place each glazed cone onto a sesame seed nougatine disk. Just before serving, decorate each cone with a jasmine blossom on top.

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