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Le Cordon Bleu News, 12/10/2014
Le Cordon Bleu Greater China Scholarship Winners Announced
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China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong

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Le Cordon Bleu Greater China Scholarship Grand FinalWinners

Le Cordon Bleu Greater China Region Scholarship Competition

On the 8th December, the Le Cordon Bleu Greater China Region Scholarship final was held in Shanghai, hosted by Le Cordon Bleu President André Cointreau. Five winners were announced, receiving scholarships to five different Le Cordon Bleu campuses around the globe.

The evening began with an expert demonstration by two of Le Cordon Bleu’s Chefs, Philippe Clergue from Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Nicolas Serrano from Le Cordon Bleu Madrid, preparing a main course and dessert. The contestants were then asked to re-create the dishes from the demonstration, with the added complexity of one mystery ingredient.

The contestants not only showcased their culinary talent but also presentation skills, as these were two separate categories of the competition. Once the contestants completed this difficult task, the five finalists were chosen by a judging panel including Le Cordon Bleu Chefs Philippe Clergue and Nicolas Serrano, as well as Le Cordon Bleu North America alumna Joanna Liu, Paris alumna Linda Gong and Paris alumnus Weimar Gomez. The winning students were recognised for having showcased exceptional talent and innovation in the dishes they prepared. 

Then it was time to award the scholarships to the lucky winners:

LoChi-Ling JinDi HsiehTsung-Han
Ms. Lo Chi-Ling
 Le Cordon Bleu Australia
Bachelor of Business (International Restaurant Management)
Mr. Jin Di
Le Cordon Bleu Japan
Diplôme de Pâtisserie
Mr. Hsieh Tsung-Han 
Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai
Diplôme de Cuisine
ChongSing-Huet FengJiJiang  
Mr. Chong Sing-Huet
Le Cordon Bleu NKUHT
International Master Chef Certificate
Mr. Feng Ji Jiang
Le Cordon Bleu Ming Tai
Foundation Program


Launched in July this year, the ‘Live your dream with Le Cordon Bleu’ scholarship contest invited students, chefs and apprentices from the culinary industry, to create a three minute video application to display their passion for the culinary arts, including the making and presentation of a dish using local ingredients, as well as show how Le Cordon Bleu could help them achieve their career goals. In a new initiative for the 2014 competition, residents of China, Hong Kong and Macau were also able to apply.

Guests at the final were also treated to an update form President André Cointreau and Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai Principle Mr. Li Xiao Hua on the exciting developments at the soon to be opened Le Cordon Bleu Shanghai Culinary Arts Academy, an exciting new stage in the relationship between Le Cordon Bleu and the greater China region.

Mr. Cointreau also announced Mr. Steven Liu as the newly appointed Le Cordon Bleu Ambassador Chef of the Greater China Region, a great partnership to support the burgeoning culinary scene in the region. A famous Taiwanese Chef and Master Chef China judge, Mr Liu also recently participated in the Le Cordon Bleu Hautes Études du Goût program in Paris.

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Le Cordon Bleu Greater China Region Scholarship Comeptition


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