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Le Cordon Bleu News, 12/30/2013
Le Cordon Bleu Paris Diploma graduation ceremony
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December 18, 2013

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Le Cordon Bleu Paris Diploma graduation ceremony
The Le Cordon Bleu Paris Diploma graduation ceremony took place on December 18th at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel Georges V, 31 avenue Georges V, Paris with students and their guests present. Chef Eric Briffard was class patron on this special day.
Chef Eric Briffard, ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ and winner of numerous national and international competitions, has worked in many different establishments such as the Royal Park Hotel in Tokyo, the Jamin restaurant, the Hostellerie du Château de Fère, le restaurant Joël Robuchon, the Plaza Athénée hotel and the Vernet hotel. Today he is Executive Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel George V.
During his speech, Chef Eric Briffard confirmed his commitment to being class patron. His message to the students was sincere and to the point “I am confident that your Cuisine, Pastry or Grand Diploma® will lead to a bright future thanks to the technical skills you have learnt which are the key to success. It is now up to you, dear graduates, to express your passion and sensitivity, to make us dream in the future and therefore transmit these skills which are only just beginning their journey » he stated. Chef Eric Briffard also mentioned Le Cordon Bleu alumni who have worked at the Four Seasons Hotel Georges V, such as Weimar Gomez , Juan Arbealez , and Iris Lau, who is currently in the pastry brigade.
Chef Nicolas Jordan illustrated the fact that, once graduated, students must continue to seek excellence by using a quotation from Leonardo De Vinci: “Poor is the student who does not surpass his master”.
Chef Thivet, former Chef Instructor and current jury member also stated “hard work does not kill you” and then congratulated all the graduates by closing his speech with “the final exams were a real treat”.
We are delighted to announce the top of the class graduates:

Basic Cuisine
  • 1st: Cree Monaghan, Australia
  • 2nd: Chih-Chun Chang, Taiwan
  • 3rd: Alissa Maria Poller, Germany
  • 4th: Xaviera Cuadra Incer, Nicaragua
  • 5th: Maja Ivankovic, Croatia

Basic Pastry
  • 1st: Blaise Pinaud, Canada
  • 2nd: Dvir Shatil, Israël
  • 3rd: Sayuri Sato, Japan
  • 4th: Xin Jin, China
  • 5th: Reilly Meehan, United States

Intermediate Cuisine
  • 1st: Rui Zou, China
  • 2nd: Ioannis Georgakakis, Greece
  • 3rd: Maria Pacheco de Troxell, Venezuela
  • 4th: Flavia Pessoa Cipriano, Brazil
  • 5th: Mingwei Hu, China

Intermediate Pastry
  • 1st: Mika Wulff, Denmark
  • 2nd: Elena Pavlovskaya, Russian Federation
  • 3rd: Elena Stanovova, Russian Federation
  • 4th: Ozge Gultekin Muz, Turkey
  • 5th: Olga Kulikova, Russian Federation

Superior Cuisine
  • 1st: Marcin Pyszczek, Poland
  • 2nd: Gabor Feher, Hungary
  • 3rd: Tatsuya Ozeki, Japan
  • 4th: Mirjam van Ruth, Netherlands
  • 5th: Darko Ramljak, Croatia

Superior Pastry
  • 1st: Matthew Leung, Malaysia
  • 2nd: Yelyzaveta Glinska, Ukraine
  • 3rd: Yin Xiu Kristl Lin, Singapore
  • 4th: Sarah Le Roux, South Africa
  • 5th: Yibo Zeng, Hong Kong

Le Cordon Bleu Paris congratulates all students!
We wish our graduates every success. Best of luck to those who are pursuing internships or other professional projects.
Photos of the graduation ceremony are available on line. To see them, visit our photo gallery:

visit our photo gallery:

You may purchase photos taken during graduation by clicking here (all students were given the access codes on the day of the graduation ceremony).

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