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Le Cordon Bleu News, 03/26/2012
Le Cordon Bleu Paris graduation ceremonies
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March 2012

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Le Cordon Bleu Paris graduation ceremonies
Le Cordon Bleu Paris graduation ceremonies took place on March 20 and 21, 2012.

Students who passed basic and intermediate levels received their certificates in a ceremony that took place at the school.
The diploma ceremony took place at the prestigious private club “Le Cercle de l'Union Interalliée”. Dr. Nicholas Baker, Austrade, Trade and Investment Commissioner & Education Manager Europe, accepted our invitation to be a class patron. Students and guests enjoyed a warm and convivial cocktail which followed the ceremony.
We are proud to announce the top students from each level:
Basic Cuisine
  • 1st: Federico Kuhrmeier, Switzerland
  • 2nd: Kazumi Kawata, Japan
  • 3rd: Eric Priestley, United States
  • 4th: Pedro Dias Carvalho, Portugal
  • 5th: Eun Hye Song, South Korea

Basic Pastry
  • 1st: Bianca Davies, South Africa
  • 2nd: Meeta Champaklal, Malaysia
  • 3rd: Paul Wiarda, United States
  • 4th: Natalia Duque-Urrea, Colombia
  • 5th: Yiwei Dong, China

Intermediate Cuisine
  • 1st: Ah Young Yoon, South Korea
  • 2nd: Rodrigo Saraiva, Brazil
  • 3rd: Soohee Kim, South Korea
  • 4th: Jong-In Park, South Korea
  • 5th: Jin Myoung Jeon, South Korea

Intermediate Pastry
  • 1st: Talita Setyady, Indonesia
  • 2nd: Camille Mansouri, France
  • 3rd: Julie McMahon, United states
  • 4th: Ting Ting Chang, Taiwan
  • 5th: Narges Gheissari, Switzerland

Superior Cuisine
  • 1st: Darren Chin Yau Fai, Malaysia
  • 2nd: Deborah Smidt, United States
  • 3rd: Jessica Yijin Yoon, Canada
  • 4th: Julie Van Hassel, Belgium
  • 5th: Ghazaleh Samandari, United States

Superior Pastry
  • 1st: Mikaela Rain Carruthers-Hogg, Australia, Mention Bien
  • 2nd: Sandy Shih Heng Tsang, Canada
  • 3rd: Amber Koh, United States
  • 4th: Nathalie Bayliss, Canada
  • 5th: E-Lin Boh, Singapore

Congratulations to all of our students! To our Alumni moving on to an internship or entering the professional world, keep up the good work! All those continuing their program, keep your determination and motivation.
See the Picture Gallery
To acquire pictures from the graduation ceremony please click here (students access codes have been given the day of the ceremony).

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