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Le Cordon Bleu News, 01/04/2012
Food and Wine Pairing
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Food and Wine Pairing
The world of gastronomy goes hand in hand with the world of wine and choosing the right wine to accompany a meal can add an extra dimension to any dining experience.
Food and wine pairing, historically considered to be a science, could in fact be described as an art. It is evident that science should be given just consideration but one must not underestimate the importance of using one’s innate sense. Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste, the awareness of these senses and their interaction with one another facilitate making the right choice.
An exceptional dish can be paired with an exceptional wine and yet the result can be extremely unsatisfactory. Flavors should be kept in balance: If they are fighting against one another rather than existing in a harmonious way then the result can be disappointing. Neither the wine nor the food should dominate. One should start by thinking of each individual dish and their main components. Is the dish mild or strong in flavor, rich or light? Delicate food could, for example, be paired with delicate wine and rich, strong flavored dishes with rich full bodied wines.
Historically in Europe there was a wide-held belief that food and wine grown in the same region were in strong synergy and it could be true to say that food and wines evolved to match one another due to the lack of transportation infrastructure. Today, the range of wines in France and the ease of transportation make the number of pairings inexhaustible.
The subject matter is vast and a whole host of books have been dedicated to this matter but, just as each individual is different, so are their responses to different taste combinations and the decision to pair certain foods and wines will always be subjective.
Le Cordon Bleu Paris’s first Food and Wine pairing gourmet class took place in 2005; it was an immediate success. Combining the knowledge of an expert in sommellerie with the skills and professionalism of a Le Cordon Bleu chef, this course gives the participants an introduction to this vast and extremely enjoyable subject.
In addition to the Food and Wine pairing gourmet class, Le Cordon Bleu recently launched a new nine month Wine and Management diploma, an in-depth and indispensable exploration of the world of wine and gastronomy. France and its many vineyards remain a reference throughout the world and, thanks to its wealth of experience, it is the ideal country for in-depth wine studies.
Also, Le Cordon Bleu proposes Wine and Spirits initiation program.

For more information about Food and Wine Pairing Gourmet, clic here.
For more information about Wine and Management Diploma, clic here.

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