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Le Cordon Bleu News, 06/01/2013
Filleting round fish
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Technique: Filleting round fish
A certain amount of skill is required when filleting fish to make sure the fillets are removed in the correct way. Follow the Le Cordon Bleu Chefs technique to perfectly fillet your fish.
how to fillet a fish 1. Lay the gutted fish on one side, stomach facing towards you. Make an incision behind the head.
technique to fillet a fist 2. Following the backbone, make an incision along the back of the fish from the head to the tail. Hold the knife flat and slide it along the fish to separate the fillet from the backbone. Turn the fish over and repeat the operation to remove the second fillet.
fillet a fish 3. Place the fillet skin side down and make a small cut at the tail end to separate the skin from the flesh. Dip your fingers in salt, hold the tail skin firmly and tautly. Using a sawing action, skin the fillet by sliding the knife along the skin up towards the head at a slight angle.
This technique has been used in the following recipe:

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