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Le Cordon Bleu News, 11/01/2013
The best way to fill choux pastries
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Technique: The best way to fill choux pastries
This technique will enable you to fill éclairs, religieuses or other choux pastries neatly and with ease!
Make the choux pastries and cream filling using the recipe of your choice.
fill choux pastries technique to fill choux pastries how to fill eclairs
Set aside a fine-tipped nozzle. Fit a piping bag with a larger plain round nozzle and fill with the cream to be used. Place the choux pastries side by side on a work surface, plat side up. Holding one choux pastry in the palm of your hand, pierce 2 or 3 small holes (for éclairs, otherwise 1 hole for religieuse choux pastries), using the fine-tipped nozzle. Continue holding the choux pastry and place the nozzle of the filled piping bag over each hole and squeeze it, filling the choux with the cream.
This technique has been used in the following recipes
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