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Le Cordon Bleu News, 03/05/2013
Le Cordon Bleu trains David Biraud
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for the 2013 Best Sommelier in the World competition

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Le Cordon Bleu trains David Biraud for the 2013 Best Sommelier in the World competition
Le Cordon Bleu helped to train David Biraud, Head-Sommelier and restaurant manager of the Mandarin Oriental restaurant, for the 2013 Best Sommelier in the World competition.
On 8th February, Franck Ramage, head of Le Cordon Bleu Paris wine department, organized a training session for David Biraud which combined technical and manual skills with wine and food knowledge.
In line with the competition rules, the training session was carried out in English with the support of Benjamin Preston; a Le Cordon Bleu translator specialized in wine
Franck Ramage also brought in sake and whisky experts. The training course was held in a room which is usually used for the Le Cordon Bleu Wine and Management program.
The tests carried out were as follows:
  • Blind tasting: written and oral Recognizing and commenting on world wines
  • Technical workshop with real life situation of managing a customer complaint in a restaurant
  • Blind tasting brandy (eaux-de-vie) provided by the Maison du Whisky in three series, whisky, rum and white spirits
  • Recognizing the spices used in different types of risotto with different cooking methods. Workshop led by Chef Instructor Philippe Clergue
  • Analyzing a flawed international wine menu
  • Tasting and qualitative analysis of 4 top quality sakés and explanation to a Japanese lady under the watchful eye of expert Kei Miyagawa, expert saké sommelier, certified by Nihonshu and Shochu sakés who currently import in partnership with LMDW Fine Spirits.
David Biraud will represent France in Tokyo from 27-30 March at this elite competition which will bring together the best in the profession.

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