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Take a Culinary Voyage this Summer


For one time only, Le Cordon Bleu London is inviting you to celebrate the incredible diversity of the culinary world. The institute has announced a Culinary Voyage; a tour of five countries famous for their gastronomy. No passport or experience is required, as this tour will take place in the kitchens at Le Cordon Bleu London.

These five new international short courses are set to take place this summer. Participants will embark on a journey to discover some of the most delicious and reputed cuisines of the world, including Spain, Lebanon, Turkey, Peru, and Brazil. These countries have been selected for their rich culinary history, distinctive flavours and cooking styles.

Throughout its network of 30 institutes in 20 countries, Le Cordon Bleu offers specialised courses and diplomas in local cuisines. This means that there is a vast wealth of international culinary expertise from the master chefs who teach in Le Cordon Bleu institutes around the world. These one-off short courses serve as a taster for the longer, professional courses offered in Le Cordon Bleu’s international locations.

These courses will explore the extraordinary tropical flavours of Brazil and the vibrant gastronomy of Spain. Discover the diverse influences of the ingredients and flavours of Turkey, with the mixture of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. Or the strong influences of the Ottoman empire and France on Lebanese cuisine, which is revered for its use of a wide choice of ingredients and spices. Finally, delve into the exciting flavours of popular Peruvian dishes through a refined culinary lens.

Each one-day session will be taught by Le Cordon Bleu master chefs, who will guide you through the specialities of each country, using the same teaching method as the core diplomas of the school. Courses can be taken individually or all together as a series and a 10% discount is available for those booking 3 or more course.

View all of the courses in the Culinary Voyage series, or browse all our professional cookery courses and other culinary programmes.

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