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Le Cordon Bleu News, 03/31/2012
Chocolate ‘egg’
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About this recipe

As the Easter holidays approach, chocolate takes its place in the limelight among the various sweet treats. There are many different ways it can be used, so here is a recipe which perfectly combines all of the enjoyment of chocolate with the symbolic “Easter Egg” shape.

Recipe - Chocolate ‘egg’

Serves: 12 eggs

Preparation time: This recipe must be started a day ahead.
Total time: overnight + 1 hour

In this recipe:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Kirsch
  • Eggs
  • Milk Cream
  • Vanilla bean



You will need a cardboard egg box
12 eggs
Chocolate Fondant
115 g dark chocolate
100 g butter
115 g sugar
25 ml Kirsch
Milk Cream
2 gelatin leaves
75 ml milk
170 ml whipping cream
25 g sugar
1/2 vanilla bean (pod), split

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  1. The day before: Using a knife, spoon or egg scissors, cut the tops off the eggs and empty the shells. Save 2 whole eggs and 1 egg yolk for the recipe. Save the remainder to use in another recipe. Rinse and carefully dry the eggshells; set aside overnight.
  2. The next day, preheat the oven to 170ºC.
  3. Chocolate Fondant: Chop the chocolate and melt with the butter over a bain-marie. Put the 2 reserved whole eggs and single egg yolk, sugar and Kirsch into a bowl and whisk to combine; blend in the melted chocolate.
  4. Soak the egg box in water to prevent it burning when it is in the oven. Place the eggshells upright in the egg box. Fill the shells with the chocolate fondant to come 3/4 up the sides. Transfer to the oven and cook in the egg box for 8 minutes.
  5. Milk Cream: Soften the gelatin leaves in cold water. Put the milk, cream and sugar into a saucepan. Using the point of a knife, scrape the seeds from the vanilla pod into the milk mixture, add the bean; heat slowly until simmering. Remove from the heat, infuse for 10 minutes then strain the mixture into a bowl. Squeeze the excess water from the leaves of gelatine and stir into the cream to dissolve. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  6. Place each chocolate egg in an egg cup; top with cold milk cream and serve.

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