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Le Cordon Bleu News, 04/17/2014
Chablis vineyards discovery
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Organized by Le Cordon Bleu Paris

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Chablis vineyards discovery

On May 17, embark on a journey in the heart of Burgundy region to discover Chablis, a picturesque town, famous for its wine and culinary secrets. This one day visit, organized by Le Cordon Bleu Paris, will transport you into the extraordinary universe of Chablis wines, revealing its wine-making secrets. Regional cuisine will also take pride of place on this gastronomic trip.

The visit to the Chablis vineyards will begin at the family-owned ‘Domaine Colinot’ for a cellar tour and a tasting of the crus appellation Irancy. The Colinot family is the 10th generation of wine producers on this estate.

The tour will continue with lunch at 'Le Bistrot des Grands Crus', a traditional and convivial restaurant, well known for its regional dishes and local specialties.

After lunch, a visit will be organized at the ‘Charcuterie Colin’, including a demonstration of the home made ‘andouillette’, a local traditional specialty.

The day will culminate in a visit at the ‘Domaine Laroche’, a great family winery since 1850.  After a cellar tour, a Chablis appellation wine tasting will be organized.

Jean-Michel Deluc, Master Sommelier, will be your guide during this one day visit.

  Date Date:

Saturday May 17, 2014

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All-inclusive price: 185 euros

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Karine Carroy by email:  kcarroy[at]
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