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Le Cordon Bleu News, 11/14/2014
The 2014 autumn session culinary arts graduation ceremony
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On November 14

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The 2014 autumn session culinary arts graduation ceremony
On November 14, Le Cordon Bleu Paris 2014 autumn session culinary arts graduation ceremony was held at the “Cercle de l’Union Interalliée” in presence of Chefs Instructors, as well as graduates’ family members and friends.

Le Cordon Bleu was honored to welcome Chef Guy Martin as class patron. Renowned Head Chef from Le Grand Véfour, Guy martin is considered a master in the art of French cuisine and he is also author of numerous noteworthy books on the subject.

In his speech, he underlined the extent to which being a Chef can be demanding “requiring concentration and determination, in a similar way to being a top sportsperson”.  Excellence was the key theme of his speech:  Excellence in finding the right product, in preparing dishes for customers and in transmitting this savoir-faire to future generations.

82 students of 27 different nationalities made up this class. We are delighted to announce the top of the graduates of the 2014 autumn session:

Superior Cuisine
  • 1st: Andrey Chetvertnov, Russian Federation
  • 2nd: Jacqueline Dittmore, France
  • 3rd: Wan Xuan Foo, Malaysia
  • 4th: Mary O'Leary, United States
  • 5th: Oksana Dubchak, Ukraine
Superior Pastry
  • 1st: Erez Pintok, Israel
  • 2nd: Shin-Huh Heidi Jen, United States
  • 3rd: Shu-Han Yu, Taiwan
  • 4th: Elise Yip, Australia
  • 5th: Qiuping Yang, China
View the photos :
Photos gallery Photo credits Fabrice Danelle

We are also delighted to announce the top of the graduates from basic and intermediate levels of the 2014 autumn session:

Basic Cuisine
  • 1st: Felicity Vincent, France
  • 2nd: Siarhei Varashylau, Belarus
  • 3rd: Yunhwi Lim, South Korea
  • 4th: Yalin Wu, France
  • 5th: Katharina Wolf, Austria
Basic Pastry
  • 1st: Yalin Wu, France
  • 2nd: Yunhwi Lim, South Korea
  • 3rd: Marija Lacmanovic, Serbia
  • 4th: Eunice Lau, Singapore
  • 5th: Hsien-Mi Li, Taiwan
Intermediate Cuisine
  • 1st: Javier Vera Alarcon, Peru
  • 2nd: Yong Hoon Jung, South Korea
  • 3rd: Fumiko Morimitsu, Japan
  • 4th: Tarudee Sriwilaslak, Thailand
  • 5th: Chin-Tsung Huang, Taiwan
Intermediate Pastry
  • 1st: Alexa Von Harder, Germany
  • 2nd: Ka Lai Tai, Hong Kong
  • 3rd: Juwon Kwon, South Korea
  • 4th: Sunmi Choi, South Korea
  • 5th: Xiaolei Li, China

Congratulations to the future international ambassadors of French gastronomy!


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