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Le Cordon Bleu News, 06/10/2014
Le Cordon Bleu Paris Culinary arts Graduation Ceremonies
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On June 6, 2014

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Le Cordon Bleu Paris Graduation Ceremonies

June 2014

The second 2014 session Le Cordon Bleu Paris graduation ceremony took place on June 6, 2014. The ceremony was held at the prestigious Cercle de l'Union interalliée with graduates' family members and friends. On this special day, Le Cordon Bleu Paris was honored to welcome two class patrons : Chef William Ledeuil for the Cuisine Diploma and Chef Laurent Duchêne for the Pastry Diploma.,

Chef William Ledeuil, example of success for the graduates, awarded one Michelin star in 2008 and holder of the "meileur cuisinier de l'année" title by the edition 2010 of Gault and Millau was here to celebrate the graduates.  Chef of two restaurants in Paris, Ze Kichen Galerie and the KGB « Kitchen Galerie Bis », Chef Ledeuil offers a creative and traditional cuisine.

Chef Ledeuil shared his vision of gastronomy with the graduates:  “Cooking is a fantastic way to express our passion, desires, discoveries and memories of exchanges, travels and encounters. Cooking is also a philosophy, a mindset with an essential role of providing happiness”

Chef Laurent Duchêne, "Meilleur Ouvrier de France", and former Chef-instructor at Le Cordon Bleu Paris offers wornderful pastries in his two parisian boutiques. Benefiting from his various experiences, he contributed to the promotion of the pastry in the world carying out culinary demonstrations worldwide.

Chef Laurent Duchêne congratulated all students and confirmed : “Le Cordon Bleu education is more than a learning experience. It opens the doors to a established professional network worldwide”.

This class was composed of 110 students.

We are delighted to announce the top of the graduates, from each level of second 2014 session:

Basic Cuisine
  • 1st: Oksana Dubchak, Ukraine
  • 2nd: Jacqueline Dittmore, France
  • 3rd: Myeonghwan Choi, South Korea
  • 4th: Victorien Vilchez, France
  • 5th: Julius Kuhn-Regnier, Germany
Basic Pastry
  • 1st: Cheng Wen Wang, Taiwan
  • 2nd: Erez Pintok, Israel
  • 3rd: Lauren Kim, United States
  • 4th: Jinan Wang, China
  • 5th: Beverly Tsang, Canada
Intermediate Cuisine
  • 1st: Mariana Chedid, Australia
  • 2nd: Anawin Davide Galloni, Italy
  • 3rd: Mary O'Leary, United States
  • 4th: Tom Patt, United States
  • 5th: Kyoko Ishii, Japan
Intermediate Pastry
  • 1st: Yilan Audrey Hu, China
  • 2nd: Young Mi Han, China
  • 3rd: Daniela Bieder, Switzerland
  • 4th: Chih-Ting Chao, Taiwan
  • 5th: Olesia Guts, Ukraine
Superior Cuisine
  • 1st: Kai Siang Yeo, Singapore
  • 2nd: Lynette Andersson, Australia
  • 3rd: Benjamin Kamu, Finland
  • 4th: Carmen Capoté-Martín, Spain
  • 5th: Nicolas Rodriguez, France
Superior Pastry
  • 1st: Alexandra Wende, Germany
  • 2nd: Xin Jin, China
  • 3rd: Géraldine Castellani, France
  • 4th: Fenshya Chang, United States
  • 5th: Qian Li, China

Le Cordon Bleu Paris congratulates all students! We wish our graduates every success. Best of luck to those who are pursuing internships or other professional projects.

Photos of the graduation ceremonies are available on line. To see them, visit our photo gallery:

photo gallery

You may purchase photos taken during graduation by clicking here (all students have been given the access codes on the day of the graduation ceremony).


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