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Le Cordon Bleu News, 09/09/2013
Le Cordon Bleu Paris certificate and diploma Ceremony
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August 2013

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Le Cordon Bleu Paris certificate and diploma Ceremony

On August 28, certificates for those having completed Basic and Intermediate levels were awarded at the school.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris Culinary Arts Diploma graduation ceremony took place on August 29. To celebrate, students and their guests were invited to the prestigious Cercle de l’Union Interalliée, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris, with Philippe Leboeuf as class patron.

One of luxury hospitality's foremost figures in France and Europe, Philippe Leboeuf is General Manager of Mandarin Oriental, Paris, the group's flagship hotel in France.
Philippe Leboeuf has over 25 years of senior management experience in the luxury hotel industry in major cities throughout the world including New York, London and Paris. Before joining the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, he held the position of General Manager of Claridge's in London. From the Vosges region in France, Philippe Leboeuf likes to describe himself as a self-made man who has gained his experience in the field, although this would be forgetting that he is also a graduate of Cornell University and holds a degree in finance and strategy from HEC management school in Paris.
During his speech, Philippe Leboeuf stated how honored he was to be class patron. His message to the students was both sincere and to the point: « This is a wonderful if not an easy industry to work in. My advice to you is to remain open to learning new things, motivated and humble. Carry on training as if you were a top level sportsperson who arrives at training sessions before everyone else and is the last to leave. Don’t be afraid of not always being successful as some of the best recipes have been created from apparent failures”
We are delighted to announce this session's top students:
Basic Cuisine
  • 1st: Yasuko Ishikawa, Japan
  • 2nd: Yvonne (Yi-Fan) Hsiao, Taiwan
  • 3rd: Sarah Jane Marcos, Philippines
  • 4th: Johanna Bails, Australia
  • 5th: Heather Benson, United States

Basic Pastry
  • 1st: Sarah Dajani, United States
  • 2nd: Qiongnan Zhu, China
  • 3rd: Tian Zhuang, China
  • 4th: Tingjiao Wang, China
  • 5th: An-Ling Cheng, Taiwan

Intermediate Cuisine
  • 1st: Jongbeom Jeong South Korea
  • 2nd: Belén Gowland, Argentina
  • 3rd: Mariana Correa Da Cunha, Brazil
  • 4th: Xavier R. Carbonell Leon, Spain
  • 5th: Rebecca Joplin, United States

Intermediate Pastry
  • 1st: Kathrin Meyer, Germany, Mention bien
  • 2nd: Celia El Absi, France
  • 3rd: Tingting Chen, China
  • 4th: Melanie Dunn, United States
  • 5th: Shu-Mei Chen, Taiwan

Superior Cuisine
  • 1st: JBrittany Troxler, United States
  • 2nd: Claire Lepoutre, France
  • 3rd: Jesse Reid, Canada
  • 4th: Dong Jin Kang, South Korea
  • 5th: Juliana Gueiros, Portugal

Superior Pastry
  • 1st: Brittany Troxler, United States
  • 2nd: Eckhard Sauter, Germany
  • 3rd: Yanyan Jia, China
  • 4th: Cristi L. Richards, United States
  • 5th: Ethel Hoon, Singapore

Le Cordon Bleu Paris congratulates all students!
Our best wishes go out to all those continuing their studies at Le Cordon Bleu, and best of luck to our graduates who are pursuing internships or other professional projects.
Photos of the graduation ceremony are available on line. To see them, visit our photo gallery:
You may purchase photos taken during graduation by clicking here (all students have been given the access codes on the day of the graduation ceremony).

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