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              The Pastry Diploma is a nine-month programme consisting of three certificates: Basic, Intermediate and Superior.  This is the most interesting option for students who want to gain training in the shortest possible time.

              The duration of the course is 30 weeks. Usually, students have 2 demonstration sessions and 2 practical sessions of 3 hours each per week. The classes may take place from 8.30 to 21.00. They also have the possibility of taking the Basic Certificate with the intensive schedule, during and the weekend schedule.
              Students will obtain a certificate for each of the levels taken and will be awarded the Diploma in Pâtisserie when all three levels are completed. 

              Many students decide not to enrol directly for the Diploma and prefer to start from the Basic Certificate. Once it is completed, you may continue with the Intermediate and Superior levels to obtain the Diploma. Each Certificate course has a duration of 120 hours.

              Duration: 426 hours (3 certificates)
              Intakes per year:  January, April, July, October
              Language: Spanish  //   English (simultaneous translation system through earphones)
              Schedule available: standard, weekend and intensive* (*only basic certificate)

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              Programme details

              • Basic Pastry Certificate
                • Certificate in food hygiene
                • Course on the prevention of occupational risks
                • Basic creams and their derivatives
                • Different kinds of meringues
                • Biscuits and petits fours
                • Base doughs and their technical applications
                • Sponge cakes
                • Travel cakes: cakes and rustic pies
                • Viennoiserie: flaky pastries with and without fresh yeast
                • The pastry sleeve: management, use and application in decorative work
                • Culinary technical terms
                • Teamwork and agility in the execution of different processes
                • Introduction to traditional pastries
                • Seminar for the development of skills and competencies
                • Cuisine Theory
                • Hazard and critical control points analysis (APPCC)
                • Fundamentals of Enology
              • Intermediate Pastry Certificate
                • Modern glazed cakes
                • Classic cakes
                • Soufflés
                • Fermented doughs
                • Boutique pastry
                • Macarons and all their secrets
                • Restaurant desserts (hot and cold)
                • Introducing confectionery
                • The tempering of chocolate and its various applications
                • Cake decorating techniques
                • Seminar for the development of skills and competencies
                • Pastry Theory
                • Hazard and critical control points analysis (APPCC)
                • Fundamentals of Enology
              • Superior Pastry Certificate
                • Classic pies with application of modern techniques
                • Tempered chocolate and cake decorating techniques
                • Artistic pieces of chocolate
                • Centrepieces for buffets
                • Restaurant desserts
                • Restauration breads
                • Introduction to sugar: stretch and blow
                • Modern cakes with emphasis on individual boutique pieces
                • Sweet buffet: mignardises and petits fours
                • Introduction to savoury pastries
                • Seminar for the development of skills and competencies
                • Pastry Theory
                • Restaurant Management
                • Hazard and critical control points analysis (APPCC)
                • Fundamentals of Enology
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                Term Dates & Prices

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                Jun 29, 2017 - Mar 31, 2018 (Intensive, in Spanish, English)
                € 17,500.00
                Aug 21, 2017 - Mar 31, 2018 (Intensive, in Spanish, English)
                € 17,500.00
                Jan 2, 2018 - Sep 28, 2018 (Standard, in Spanish, English)
                € 17,500.00
                Apr 2, 2018 - Dec 21, 2018 (Standard, in Spanish, Spanish)
                € 17,500.00

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              Download the fundamental information of the Pastry Diploma in one click

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              Le Cordon Bleu Madrid


              • Inés-Henriques-Da-Silva
                If I had to analyse my career up until today, my biggest step was the decision to quit the banking and come to learn to Le Cordon Bleu and, after that, starting my own business, which has been a lifelong dream of mine. Le Cordon Bleu has really given me the confidence and the knowledge I needed to launch into this industry and to bake pastry with a different touch.
                Inés Henriques Da Silva
              • Tomas-Eduardo-Bravo
                For me, being a student at Le Cordon Bleu has been a really big opportunity, to be part of this prestigious school and of a select group of students has been an honour. My advice to those considering studying at Le Cordon Bleu is, simply, to not overthink it, if they want to start a career in the gastronomical industry, for me, this is their best choice.
                Tomás Eduardo Bravo
              • Siliang-Wang
                It is clear that I would recommend Le Cordon Bleu Madrid. I have already recommended it to my friends to come and study, because if you want to learn French cuisine and French pastry, it is a very professional school. The teachers are very good, that's why the experience for me is very beautiful.
                Siliang Wang (China) – Grand Diplôme
              • nikita
                I would recommend studying at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid to all those who want to improve their culinary skills, as it is one of the best schools in the world.
                Nikita Baranov (Rusia) – Grand Diplôme
              • manuel-morais
                It is a great program and a great complement for those who want to pursue the dream of working in cuisine in the near future
                Manuel Morais (Portugal) – Grand Diplôme
              • yogesh
                For me the Spanish cuisine is very different from what I was used to and that's why I was interested. I would recommend all my friends to study at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid
                Yogesh Kumar Mishra (India) – Grand Diplôme
              • Nathalie-Obregón
                Anyone who is thinking about studying cooking has to consider doing it at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid, as it is one of the best cuisine schools in the world.
                Nathalie Obregón (Canada) – Grand Diplôme
              • estefany
                Studying at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid has allowed me to acquire the bases to be a good professional of gastronomy.
                Estefany Rodríguez (Venezuela) – Grand Diplôme
              • testimonio-nydia
                My advice to all those who want to study , cuisine is that they work hard, practice, be humble and have an open mind to accept criticism of the mistakes they can make.
                Nydia Montes (Mexico) - Grand Diplôme
              • catalina-gomez
                The advice I would give to those who want to study at this school is that, if the really like to cook or to bake, if the really think the gastronomical world is for them, then don’t be afraid and enrol because, even though it will demand a lot of hard work and lots of effort, they won’t regret it, if this is your passion this is the ideal place to study.
                Catalina Gómez

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