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              “Sin-Sin” Laboratory
              New masterclass on allergies and food intolerances

              For all our students and alumni to learn to prepare dishes adapted to different allergies and intolerances, and have the resources to offer alternatives in their kitchen we have created: “Sin-Sin Laboratory” (“Without-Without” laboratory)

              -Madrid, 29th May 2017-
              Currently, one of the major challenges of gastronomy is to integrate all those who suffer from some type of allergy or food intolerance. Achieve that any person can enjoy cuisine is a goal pursued by many chefs.

              Gabriela Marchesotti, the driver of “Sin-Sin Laboratory

              The course, led by chef Gabriela Marchesotti, is a workshop in which, through a theoretical module, will show some products capable of replacing elements such as milk, eggs or flour without impairing the final characteristics of the recipe, and five practical modules in which you will learn how to make several sweet and salty recipes without these elements.

              Chef Gabriela Marchesotti has a long history in food. A graduate in chemistry and with a Master's degree in Bromatology and Food Quality Control, the chef has worked for more than 20 years in the food industry. The chef is also the owner and founder of Singlutenaciones, a company that manufactures products suitable for gluten-free diets and other intolerances.

              Marchesotti has become an active and authoritative voice in the field of food thanks to her work in the development of new recipes and products that integrate people with allergies and food intolerances

              "Sin-Sin” Laboratory

              The gastronomic experience "Sin-Sin" laboratory, designed for alumni who have taken our programmes, is composed of 6 interactive and experimental modules of 3 hours each, with the following theme:

              Monday, 29th May- Module 1: Masterclass

              Allergies and food intolerances. Types of flours. Possible substitutes. Simple and practical experiments.

              Tuesday, 30th May - Module 2: Salty recipes “Sin-Sin

              Salted profiteroles (gluten free and lactose free). Quiche of leeks and goat cheese (gluten free).

              Monday, 5th June and Tuesday 6th June - Module 3 & 4: Cakes and pastries “Sin-Sin

              Galette of raspberries and peach (gluten free). Vanilla cake "Sin-Sin" (gluten-free, without milk, without sugar). Chocolate cake (gluten free, no milk, no egg). Tartlets of red fruits (gluten free). Tea pastes (gluten free). Carrot cake (gluten free and lactose free)

              Monday, 12th June - Module 5: Breads “Sin-Sin

              Wholemeal rolls (gluten free, no milk, no egg). Integral mold bread multisemillas (gluten free). Pizza bread (gluten free, no milk). Beetroot muffins (gluten-free, lactose-free)

              Tuesday, 13th June - Module 6: Workshop “Lab Sin-Sin

              Workshop new elaborations "Sin-Sin". Experimentation with new recipes.

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