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              Le Cordon Bleu has a large variety of cookery courses available every summer.

              From classes of just a few hours to formally accredited 6/7 week courses, you should be able to find the cooking course that would suit you best. Our culinary courses are a wonderful way to learn more about the fundamental techniques in cuisine, pâtisserie or wine in entertaining and informal classes.

              Whether you are preparing for a professional cooking career or just wish to study over the summer for your own interest you should be able to find a summer programme for you.

              How long do you want to study with us?

              6 to 7 weeks - 3 weeks - 10 days - 5 days - 1 day or less

              6 to 7 weeks

              Intensive Cuisine Certificates

              Over the Summer period only, we offer you the chance to complete our Basic and Intermediate Cuisine Certificates as an intensive programme. Each certificate will be completed in 6 to 7 weeks (instead of 3 months) and throughout the length of the  courses you will learn some of the most fundamental culinary techniques.

              Intensive Pâtisserie Certificates

              Learn a strong foundation on which to build your Pâtisserie skills and knowledge thanks to our Intensive Basic and Intermediate Pâtisserie Certificates. Over a period of 6 to 7 weeks,  you will be able to graduate with one of our renowned pastry qualifications.

              3 weeks

              Summer Essentials

              Three weeks to learn cooking and discover the London!

              Throughout the three weeks, you will attend culinary demonstrations as well as cheese and wine lectures, learn new skills and techniques in hands-on cooking workshops and visit some of the renowned food markets in London. To mark the end of the three weeks and apply all the skills you have learned, you’ll prepare a special celebratory buffet for you and your guests.

              10 days

              Cake Decorating

              Created by our renowned pâtisserie team, the Cake Decorating course is a combination of practical sessions, demonstrations and lectures. Our professional chefs will teach you a wide range of recipes, how to temper chocolate and will give you an overview on the different decoration techniques.

              4 or 5 days

              Our 4 / 5 day courses are perfect for those wishing to immerse themselves in cooking courses in the heart of London. The courses have been designed for both the culinary enthusiasts and for the experienced cooks who want to brush up some of their skills.

              • Cuisine Techniques – 4 days
                Learn fundamental cuisine techniques and their application to a number of dishes, improving your confidence and capabilities at home.
              • Cuisine Technique Essentials – 4 days (evening)
                Same as the above but in the evening.
              • Pâtisserie Technique Essentials – 4 days (evening)
                This course teaches the fundamental techniques and methodology surrounding classic handmade pastry products.
              • Taste of Asia – 4 or 5 days
                Under the guidance of one of our Chefs you will discover the skills of balancing flavours whilst also learning fundamental Asian cooking techniques.

              1 day or less

              We offer a great selection of short courses designed especially for enthusiastic home cooks who want to discover new techniques and improve their cooking skills. All courses usually focus on specific skills or cuisine. They are are a wonderful way to learn more about cuisine and pâtisserie in entertaining and informal classes.

              We have the following range of courses:

              • 1-Day Courses
                Under the guidance of a Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef, you will work at your own station and learn new techniques in an fun, informal and hands-on classes.
              • 2.5 Hours Workshops
                you will work at your own station and be guided by our Chefs. Throughout the workshop, you will acquire new culinary knowledge and hone a new technique.
              • 2.5 Hours Demonstrations
                Sit back, relax and let the chefs do the cooking for you in our Demonstrations. Follow our Chefs as they talk you through the theme of each session.