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              Designed for the aspiring baker, this boulangerie course introduces fundamental skills and methods in artisan bread making. Techniques are taught by hand and machine through a combination of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions to impart a comprehensive understanding of a variety of yeasted doughs and associated production methods.

              Participants learn about the scientific processes applied to yeasted dough to gain an understanding of each ingredient and how they interact during the production process. Students are also taught how to create a number of international dough varieties. The course includes flavoured breads, classic yeast doughs, and decorative breads. In addition, this specialised programme includes knowledge of traditional pâtisserie and breakfast viennoiserie items including croissants and other enriched doughs.


              Key information

              Duration: 60 hours | 10 sessions
              Price: £2,900
              Included in the fees: ingredients, course manual, apron and tea towel. All of the food created during the day is yours to take home with you.
              Entry Requirements: no prior culinary experience is required



              Course Details

              • Course Content

                During this specialist bread course, you will work in our fully operational professional bakery kitchen Saint Honoré, using state-of-the-art equipment such as spiral mixers, Bongard stone based deck ovens, laminators and retarder provers.

                Key highlights of the 10-day course include:

                • Fundamental theory and concepts related to bread making such as fermentation schedules and production processes
                • Discussions on ingredient functionality including flour technology, grains and yeast
                • Detailed explanation of the baking process
                • Applied health and safety
                • Leavened wheat doughs
                • Traditional French breads: baguette, pain épi, fougasse
                • Classic shaping techniques such as fendu, tordu, tabatière, auvergnat, fleur, couronne Bordelaise and pain d’Aix
                • Non-wheat breads
                • Rustic French breads: pain de campagne and pain de seigle
                • Preferments and use in production
                • Cultivation of sour starters with feeder schedule
                • Rustic sour dough breads
                • International breads: focaccia, pita, lavash, naan, calzone and paratha
                • Enriched breads such as brioche and challah
                • Pâte levées-feuilletée for viennoiserie production
                • Speciality breads: panettone, pandoro, kugelhopf
                • Decorative bread techniques: pâte morte, pain surprise


                As a participant of Le Cordon Bleu London’s Boulangerie course, you are supplied with all the ingredients and equipment needed for each session, and everything you create is yours to take home at the end of the day.

              • Who is the programme for?

                We welcome students from a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds. No prior culinary experience is required.

                This programme is suitable if:

                • You are a professional chef or entrepreneur and wish to master fundamental bakery techniques
                • You are a passionate cooking enthusiast and you want to learn the right techniques
                • You wish to enhance your bakery skills and learn new techniques
              • Course Dates and Apply
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