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              Payment can be done by bank transfer, or by credit card.
              Application to a Diploma can be either paid through a lump sum, or by instalments.
              For applicants whom the temporary Visitor Visa will be supported by Le Cordon Bleu Japan, in which case only payments by lump sum are accepted.
              For any payment by instalments, the uniform and tools kit must be paid along with the first Certificate level.
              From the second instalment, each Certificate should be paid no later than 2 weeks prior to the completion of the current course. Payment to a Certificate can only be made by lump sum.

              Payment by Bank Transfer:

              The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., charges fees of JPY 2,500. This fee is separate from the bank fee which may be charged through a banking institution.
              Student should add these fees to each transfer done. Depending on the student's banking institution, a transit through an intermediary bank may occur.
              Any fees incurred through your transactions are the student's responsibility.

              Payment by Credit Card:

              One-off payments only are accepted. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the account has enough funds available on the payment date, and that the credit card company will let the payment go through.
              Upon payment refusal, payment through another method shall be required.

              International payments by credit cards are often denied by credit cards companies and do not goes through. Bank transfer are preferred for the assurance of payment in due time. Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo cannot be held for responsible in the case of payment refusal by credit card on the due dates that may lead to the loss of the seat for another student in waiting list.

              Should you need any support or have further questions, please contact us: