Le Cordon Bleu


The mission of the Japan Chapter is to create a Le Cordon Bleu network connecting its alumni, partners, and food industry members. We function as a platform to support Le Cordon Bleu Japan through the promotion of activities and community development.


Those who wish to join a chapter must be:

An individual residing in Japan, or of Japanese nationality, or having a connection to Japan wishing to support the Association and participate in the activities of the Chapter.

and fulfill one of the following two requirements:

  1. An individual who has completed at least a certificate level educational programme at any Le Cordon Bleu Network establishment, including any “Le Cordon Bleu” masters, degree, diploma or certificate programmes.
  2. An individual who has been recommended by the Committee and approved by the Governing Board.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy all the benefits and special offers that are exclusive to Alumni Association Japan Chapter members!‡

† Students of Continuing Education & Professional Development, Gourmet & Short courses, Cheese Début, Basic Cheese, Wine & Spirits (WSET ®), and Tours & Activities are not eligible to apply for Alumni Association Japan Chapter memberships.

‡ To become a Chapter member, the approval of the Committee is required and its decision in the matter is decisive other than the right of appeal to the Governing Board whose decision is final and binding in all cases. Applying to become a Chapter member means acceptance of these Rules as required by the standard application form which must be completed and signed by each applicant.


Free Membership

Become a recognized Le Cordon Bleu Japan alumni without paying a membership fee

Receive a digital alumni card

Le Cordon Bleu Students and Alumni Exclusive Email Address

Get a professional FREE @myCordonBleu.net email address and let your network know your Le Cordon Bleu affiliation

Give out your @myCordonBleu.net address instead of your work or home email address for convenience and privacy

Stay in Touch with Le Cordon Bleu Japan

Stay in touch with your Le Cordon Bleu classmates and teachers

Connect with like-minded food industry enthusiasts

Receive Invitations to Le Cordon Bleu Alumni Exclusive Events

Engage in Le Cordon Bleu activities, such as school festivals and special events

Apply for Internships and Access Job Information


Alumni Referral†

If you refer someone to a Classic Cycle Diploma programme, both of you will receive special rewards from Le Cordon Bleu Japan


Receive special surprises when you order at La Boutique Café Japan on your birthday


All time 10% discount on Le Cordon Bleu Japan online shop and La Boutique Café products

Enjoy discounts and benefits on Le Cordon Bleu partners’ restaurants and shops


10% discount on selected Continuing Education & Professional Development and Gourmet & Short Courses

Attend food business seminars led by our successful alumni with an exclusive member discount


Enjoy discounts and benefits at Le Cordon Bleu alumni/partners’ restaurants

† Alumni Referral cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers such as the Early Bird Campaign. For more information, please refer to the terms & conditions of Le Cordon Bleu Japan alumni referral system.

‡ This offer does not apply to La Boutique shops or online shops outside Japan. International delivery is not available.

♦ This discount does not apply to some of the Gourmet & Short courses, such as SABRINA and DÉBUT. For more information, please refer to Le Club.

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