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Le Cordon Bleu News, 04/28/2010
Sunway University College and Le Cordon Bleu Sign a Joint Alliance
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Sunway - Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts

March 2010 - Sunway University College and Le Cordon Bleu, the international renowned culinary institution, have signed agreements on March 22 to mark their joint venture and validate arrangements between the two institutions.

At a ceremony officiated by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri, Dr. Jeffrey Cheah AO, Founder and Chairman of the Sunway Group, and Mr. André Cointreau, President and CEO of Le Cordon Bleu International, the Sunway - Le Cordon Bleu Institute has been launched.

The Institute, which will be governed by a joint Board of Directors, will offer Le Cordon Bleu culinary programs in cuisine and patisserie, considered to be the best instruction in traditional French culinary techniques available today. This remarkable new partnership was developed in response to the increasing demand for quality culinary arts and hospitality training.

Today, Malaysia is a popular tourist destination, welcoming over 23 million tourists per year; this figure has more than tripled in the last 10 years. Malaysia’s tourism alone produced 53 million RM in revenue in 2009, and with more than 1 million people employed in the hospitality industry, strengthening the quality of these sectors is imperative for the country’s economy.

Sunway University College and Le Cordon Bleu have planned to start offering the following courses in the near future:

•    Le Grand Diplôme© cycle, this is the foundation of all Le Cordon Bleu schools’ teaching, based on obtaining three successive levels in both cuisine and patisserie disciplines. This diploma can be taken in totality in 9-18 months or individual levels obtain certificate gratification.
•    Specialized short courses and workshops such as Food and Wine Association, Traditional Bread Making & Viennoiserie, and French Regional Cuisine, to name a few.

This partnership will also mean that, Le Cordon Bleu will validate the existing Diploma programs from the school in hospitality, tourism and events management.

The culinary modules of the Sunway BSC Honors degree in International Hospitality Management will be revised by Le Cordon Bleu, Recipients will receive the Le Cordon Bleu Diplôme Culinaire d’Hotelier, in addition to the degree. New degree curriculums in hotel and restaurant management, conventions and events management, and culinary management will soon be introduced in collaboration with Le Cordon Bleu.

The alliance between the university and Le Cordon Bleu opens up a new era for tourism and hospitality training in Malaysia, combining the worldwide expertise of this international culinary institution, to complement the fine traditions and expert training that already exists in Sunway’s school of Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management.

Sunway University College -

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Sunway University College and Le Cordon Bleu Alliance Signing

Le Cordon Bleu President and CEO, André Cointreau (left), and Founder and Chairman of the Sunway Group,Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah (right), with the celebratory cake to mark the partnership.

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