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Le Cordon Bleu News, 10/08/2008
Did you say a Cordon Bleu Chocolate Cookbook?
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Le Petit Larousse du Chocolat

Paris October, 2008 – Editions Larousse and Le Cordon Bleu announce the launch of the French version cookbook Petit Larousse du Chocolat part of the ‘Petit Larousse illustré’ collection. The Petit Larousse du Chocolat contains 170 chocolate recipes to suit all tastes; cakes, tarts, creams, mousses, frozen desserts, drinks, afternoon teas, sweets and candies each accompanied with a color photograph.

Le Cordon Bleu and Editions Larousse have combined their knowledge and experience to create a cookbook of chocolate recipes based on classic French techniques. The book contains a selection of step-by-step photographs at the beginning of each chapter. Tempting photographs capture the essence of the recipes, ranging from well-known classics, to ultra simple and original Le Cordon Bleu® creations.

Fail-proof recipes were tested by Le Cordon Bleu® pastry chefs. Recipes have been written in simple and concise language making the most difficult technique easy to understand. The written methods assist the reader to create recipes using readily available ingredients and basic kitchen equipment. For beginners or seasoned cooks who wish to improve their knowledge and skills, a glossary of specific pastry terms is provided. Chef tips provide and advice on perfecting a recipe or variations for that personal touch.

Le Cordon Bleu® is famous worldwide for culinary training for both professionals and gourmets. The faculty is made up of dedicated industry professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with students from around the world.
Since its creation in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu has published magazines, cookbooks and reference books for amateurs and professionals. The recipient of French and international awards, Le Cordon Bleu publications have been translated into 18 languages, and distributed in 31 countries, with sales reaching 8 million copies worldwide. In addition to their consumer appeal, some Le Cordon Bleu books are used as official textbooks in the American culinary educational system.
Le Cordon Bleu currently boasts 30 schools in 15 countries, and is recognized as one of the most important culinary arts institutes in the world. Developments in the curriculum of Le Cordon Bleu have led to the establishment of Bachelors and Masters degrees in hospitality management in cooperation with international universities. Le Cordon Bleu has a tradition of excellence in the world of gastronomy and is committed to furthering the appreciation of fine food and the French art of living.


ISBN : 978 2 0358 35352
Collection Petit Larousse illustré, 384 pages, 250 illustrations, bound edition canvas cover, 22,90 €
Publication date : October 2008
Éditions LAROUSSE – 21, rue du Montparnasse, 75283 PARIS Cedex 06 –

For more information please contact :
Le Cordon Bleu Paris
Tel: +33 1 53 68 22 50

Le Petit Larousse du Chocolat
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