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Le Cordon Bleu News, 09/07/2009
Chef Fabio Barbosa shares the secret of his success
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Cuisine Diploma graduate at Le Cordon Bleu London


Fabio Barbosa, Cuisine Diploma and Basic Pâtisserie Graduate in 2003

Fabio Barbosa Cuisine Diploma graduate at Le Cordon Bleu London










“I went to London to study English and knew nothing about cooking. To finance my stay in London, I found a job in a busy restaurant in West London, washing dishes. I was amazed with the service of the restaurant: The noise, the shouting, the food... After a few weeks I was infected by the “kitchen virus” and was helping with the food preparation! This is when I decided to join Le Cordon Bleu!

Le Cordon Bleu taught me everything from techniques to theory or ingredients. As I kept working while studying, I could easily notice how quickly my skills had improved. My job helped with the school and the school helped with my work! I also benefited from Le Cordon Bleu work to study programme and worked three months in the preparation kitchen to finance my basic patisserie certificate!

Today, I work for a family company that owns a hotel which is amongst the 100 best in the world! I am the Sous Chef. The company is growing (plan to open 2 more hotels) and I plan to stay with them as long as possible.

My main career goals were to be amongst the best chefs and not an average professional. Le Cordon Bleu gave me the techniques I needed and a real recognition in the industry! This diploma opens the doors to the best kitchens in the world!

If you want to do some serious cooking, Le Cordon Bleu London is the best start!! I have worked with people from different schools and none of them showed a better level of knowledge. Every single penny is worth it and London makes the experience even better. Not just for the city itself but also for the number of high class restaurants, where you can go out and eat or work to practice what you learn!”


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