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Le Cordon Bleu News, 04/19/2009
Endeavour Vocational Education and Training Award Holder
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Kanokporn Losaengsuwan

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Kanokporn Losaengsuwan - Intermediate Patisserie

Kanokporn Losaengsuwan

1. How do you enjoy Sydney?

Now, the weather here is so nice. I like to go to the park and spend some time in there. Or, I walked to the art gallery of NSW and spoiled myself for a few hours with magnificent arts surrounded. Sometimes, I went to barbeque with my friends at the beach or joined outdoor events, recently; the Royal Easter Show at Olympic Park. I like the way Sydney provides everyone with many activities and wonderful scenery.

2. What inspired you to be/ learn to be a Patisserie Chef?

I found a pastry cooking technique and its pleasurable flavor and scent very fascinating. An unbelievable mixing-beating-baking method can turn ingredients to a pound of cake. So, I decided to step forward and learn to be a Patisserie chef.

3. Did you have background in cooking before? If not, why would you choose this career path?

Does cooking at home count? If so, I did some at home. But if you mean serious and professional cooking background, my answer is no. Besides being inspired by those attributes mentioned above, I love food. I love dessert. I think it is an art. Sometimes, you just have to feel it. No matter whereever you go, there is always food around.

4. Why you chose to study with Le Cordon Bleu

I heard of Le Cordon Bleu long time ago. It is one of the renowned institutions with rich history. I believe that studying in the world-recognized institution will pave my career path wherever I go.

5. What's your favourite lesson from last term at LCBA and why?

It is hard to say which one is my favorite lesson as I enjoyed all of them. Each lesson gave me exciting and different experience. I feel I have been blessed to study with each professional chefs. Now, I am looking forward to studying the next course!

6. Photos of Kanokporn's patisserie works

Bread Chocolate Cream Brulee
Eclair Fruit Tart

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