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Le Cordon Bleu News, 03/11/2009
Spring is in the Air!
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Fresh new course offerings

The snow is finally melting, days are longer and the sun is finally back!
Spring is well on its way of blooming and so have the Short Courses and Gourmet Sessions at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa!

Whether the pastry arts strike your interest or culinary techniques are what you seek to master, our spring selection is bound to inspire you.

From courses like "Art of the Egg" that teaches you the secrets behind creating Easter eggs just like the pros to indoor grilling with "Sizzle & Steak" because you don't want to wait another month to savour that juicy bbq steak you've been craving all winter; from the "Wedding Cake Design" course because you are trying to save on your own wedding to the "International Flavours of Mexico" course because you want to take a quick trip to spring break and back without having to leave town, Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa has fun seasonal culinary options for you.

To get more details on these course contact us by email or follow the following link.

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