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Le Cordon Bleu News, 12/15/2008
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Le Cordon Bleu students
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Chocolate work on the Superior Patisserie level

Our superior pâtisserie students have a real passion for chocolate. Every term, they spend 3 weeks perfecting their skills in the art of chocolate. As a conclusion to this module, they work as a team to create the most amazing chocolate displays.

Although the professional techniques involved in putting together the sculptures are extremely complex (tempering, cutting, moulding, carving, painting and gluing chocolate), the artistic creation is always prepared in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. The team will define together the theme of their work and each member will work on a specific part of the display.

Our group A of Superior Pâtisserie impressed us with a very christmassy chocolate center piece!
Our next Pâtisserie training session will start on the 5th of January. We also have new sessions starting every 3 months. For more information on our Pâtisserie programme, please visit our Programs and Apply page.

Cholate display realised by Superior Patisserie Group A Autumn 2008 session Le Cordon Bleu London

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