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Le Cordon Bleu News, 02/12/2008
Gain your Pâtisserie Diploma in only 15 weeks!
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Our Intensive Pâtisserie Programme starts on 9th June 2008...

Our highly acclaimed Pâtisserie Diploma is a combination of Basic, Intermediate and Superior pastry. The standard diploma would take 9 months to complete. Our intensive version can reward you with our Pâtisserie Diploma in only 15 weeks!!!!


We run one session a year of our intensive programme: Our next session starts on 9th June and ends on 3rd October. We still have a few availabilities for this session!

The curriculum is exactly the same as for Le Cordon Bleu standard's Classic Cycle but it is completed in a shorter period of time! The study time is over 5  days per week for Basic, Intermediate and Superior Pâtisserie.


Calendar of our intensive pastry training 2008:

Basic Pastry: from 9th June to 18th July (30 hours a week of both theory and practical training)

Intermediate Pastry: from 21st July to 29th August (30 hours a week of both theory and practical training)

Superior Pastry: from 1st September to 3rd October (30 hours a week of workshops and practical training)


For more information on this opportunity, please contact us on or visit Programs & Apply on our top menu.


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