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Le Cordon Bleu News, 08/31/2009
Graduation Ceremony - August 2009
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New cuisine & pastry stars

Graduation Ceremony August 2009


Le Cordon Bleu Paris graduation ceremonies took place on August 26&27th, 2009. The graduation for the basic and intermediate cuisine and pastry levels was held at the school and ended with a buffet prepared by the chefs instructors. The superior level ceremony took place at the prestigous private club Le Cercle de l'Union Interalliée.

We are proud to announce the top five students from each level


  • 1st  : Alvina Chan, United Kingdom - With Distinction
  • 2nd : Lisa Lahmon, United States of America
  • 3rd : Chisa Tanakadate, Japan
  • 4th : Alcides Terra, Brazil
  • 5th : He Yu, China


  • 1st : Lisa Lahmon, United States of America
  • 2nd : Saïd Ali Ounalli, Tunisia
  • 3rd : Rebecca Hooper, Canada
  • 4th : Alvina Chan, United Kingdom
  • 5th : Almudena Pardo Martin, Spain


  • 1st : Yi-Chun Liu, United States of America - With Distinction
  • 2nd : Ashley Mattison, United States of America
  • 3rd : Daniela Amendola, Brasil
  • 4th : Alexander De Sostoa, Venezuela
  • 5th : Meghan Cherny, United States of America


  • 1st : Yi-Chun Liu, United States of America - With Distinction
  • 2nd :Ashley Mattison, United States of America - With Distinction
  • 3rd : Sarah Maggie Grant, Canada
  • 4th : Song Soubarany Lay, Cambodia
  • 5th : Mana Sharifi, Iran


  • 1st : Saturnin Adriamanjaka, Madagascar - With Distinction
  • 2nd : Azham Salavatova, Russia - With Distinction
  • 3rd : Allan Castellote, France - With Distinction
  • 4th : Martijn Lakemond, Netherlands
  • 5th : Patricia Lombardi, Brazil


  • 1st : Ee Lin Foo, Malaysia
  • 2nd : Mi-Ryung Lee, South Korea
  • 3rd : Azham Salavatova, Russia
  • 4th : Yuko Kawabata, Japan
  • 5th : Carlos Manuel Galarraga, Venezuela

Congratulations to all of our students! For those of you who are not attending the next level we hope to see you in the near future and for those who continue, keep up the good work!

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