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Le Cordon Bleu News, 05/05/2009
Le Cordron Bleu Paris
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Alumni of Le Cordon Bleu Paris



The traditional club Pinheiros, in São Paulo, recently opened a new restaurant, O Ponto, which is run by Chef Marcelo Giachini, graduate of Le Grand Diplôme and Cuisine Continuing Education.

O Ponto offers an international menu, inspired by the culinary traditions of 10 different countries, “We designed a special menu for our public which is typically known for being conservative in their tastes. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and the creative presentation on our dishes. We also offer a variety of choices, from simple and clean dishes to more complex, extravagant meals,” said Chef Marcelo Giachini. O Ponto offers a diverse wine menu which was chosen by the sommelier and Marcelo Giachinindesigned to provide harmony between the food and wine.

“Generally, the quality of service in club’s restaurants is rather poor. In O Ponto we have 40 staff dedicated to the kitchen and the dining room. Our clients are important to us”, explains Chef Marcelo Giachini.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris welcomed Chef Giachini last January as Guest Chef for culinary demonstration.

Marcelo Giachini's website


Celia Miranda and Gustavo Mattos had a dream to study culinary arts and came to Le Cordon Bleu Paris to obtain the Grand Diplôme in year. They also followed the Continuing Education moduls in cuisine and pastry.

Today, they have become entrepreneurs and are private Chefs. They created a very unique concept : "Chez nous, chez vous", where people come to eat in their home. They welcome their guests in their own dining room which has seating for 12 people. Guests are served as they would be in a restaurant as they watch the preparation of the dishes.

To read an article (in portuguese only) about their business, please click on  “Chez nous, chez vous”

Enjoy it!

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