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Le Cordon Bleu News, 03/12/2009
Work to study at le Cordon Bleu London
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03/12/2009 About our internal scholarship programme

Le Cordon Bleu London gives to a few of its students the opportunity to work full time in our preparation kitchen for the duration of one term, in exchange for a discount on the next level’s fees.

This term, Lin Lam, Denise Sutton and James Lock, have been working very hard in assisting our chefs prepare the classes and demonstrations of the course. After successfully graduating from the Basic level, they took a 3-month break from their studies and became assistants in our preparation kitchen. They will be back at school for the Spring session, and will receive an attractive discount on the Intermediate level tuition fees!

The 3 students share their thoughts about this programme:

“We wanted to apply for this scholarship programme to gain kitchen experience and work with professional chefs. After 3 months of being on the course, we felt we needed to consolidate our newly acquired culinary skills with more practical experience.
The application process was very simple: we were asked to provide a letter of motivation to the head chef who selected us among a few other candidates.

Our daily job is to prepare the “mise en place” for the chefs’ demonstrations and to assemble individual baskets of ingredients for the students’ practical sessions. We also deal with food ordering, work with suppliers and ensure that the food is stored according to industry standards.

This experience has allowed us to vastly improve our knife skills as well as our knowledge of ingredients not to mention a better understanding of kitchen management. We now feel much more confident working in a professional environment.  And it will also help us to finance the next level!

We definitely recommend this programme to other students who don’t yet have experience in the industry. It is the first step towards a career in catering. We look forward to going back to school after this professional interlude.”

On behalf of our chefs and students, thank you very much for your hard work!

For more information about this opportunity, please visit our Scholarship page.

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