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Le Cordon Bleu News, 03/03/2009
Le Cordon Bleu
International Final of the Jeunes Commis Rôtisseurs Competition
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Excerpts from the International magazine of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

Last September, Le Cordon Bleu hosted the International Final of the Jeunes Commis Rôtisseurs Competition in Paris. The international magazine of La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs interviewed Patrick Terrien, Cuisine Chef instructor at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Chef Rôtisseur and Catherine Baschet, Le Cordon Bleu Director of Development, Dame de la Chaîne, about the preparation for the competition. Le Cordon Bleu Paris is getting ready for the next 2009 regional and national competitions. Find hereunder some excerpts from the article.

Chef Patrick Terrien, have you been involved with the organisation of this event before?

PT: Le Cordon Bleu Paris hosted the International Finals in 1999 and every year hosts the regional and national competitions. I was also a judge in Vienna in 2000 and in South Africa in 2003. Le Cordon Bleu contributed to the International Finals in Canada in 2004, Adelaide in 2006 and Frankfurt in 2007. The organisation of the International Finals is a complex task.

Why is that?

PT: An intricate infrastructure must be put into place. Competitors come from all over the world and not all of them can speak English or French. We have to make sure that everything is clear and that each competitor fully understands the rules and the processes. The equipment must meet the exacting standards of the competition. We must organise the practical kitchens and assure the quality of the ingredients.

Since Le Cordon Bleu is an academy of culinary arts, how does it cope with the organisation of such an event?

CB: It is similar to many events in which Le Cordon Bleu participates. Our Chefs and professors represent Le Cordon Bleu every year in more than 100 events around the world. These include festivals, professional conferences, competitions and other types of promotions. We also sponsor many charity events.

Catherine Baschet, tell us about the relationship between the Chaîne and Le Cordon Bleu?

CB: First, it is an honour for Le Cordon Bleu to be involved with the Chaîne. It is a natural alliance that started long time ago. Mr. André Cointreau, Le Cordon Bleu President, was enthroned to the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs more than 20 years ago. Our mutual objectives are to promote the Culinary Arts, to give young chefs the opportunity to demonstrate their talents at international level and to increase the value of their profession in the culinary world. This competition is an excellent experience for Le Cordon Bleu students who are able to witness at first hand, as assistants, the importance of the competition, knowing that one day they might also want to take part.

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Tobias Gunther from Germany was the winner 2008 and received a Le Cordon Bleu training scholarship. He also received the Arthur Bolli Trophy as well as prizes from the Chaîne, Wüsthof - famous knife manufacturer and partner of Le Cordon Bleu - Bragard and Canadian Chefs-Hats ®.

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