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Le Cordon Bleu News, 04/25/2008
Cocina Novoandina: Quinua Herencia De Los Andes by Le Cordon Bleu
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3rd Prize of the Jury at the Gourmand Cookbook Awards

London, April 2008 – The new Le Cordon Bleu cookbook “Cocina Novoandina: Quinua, Herencia de los Incas” (“The New Cuisine from the Andes: Quinoa, Heritage of the Incas”) has received the 3rd Prize in the French Cuisine Category at the world final for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, 2007.

The announcement of the winners was given on April 13 in London at the Olympia Theatre in London.

“Cocina Novoandina: Quinua, Herencia de les Incas” is a great recipe book with starters, soups, salads, main courses, desserts, bread and even beverages. This book is also part of an important project on organic quinoa initiated by the INIA or “Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Extensión Agraria” (Peruvian National Institute for Agricultural Research and Development). The desire to improve the working conditions of a group of Peruvian farmers as well as to respond to an increasing demand for quinoa led to a request for Le Cordon Bleu to collaborate on the creation of the book. Le Cordon Bleu schools have ever since been associated with promoting recipes with quinoa around the world for this traditional ingredient to be recognised as a highly nutritious and quality product. The book is the first of a new Le Cordon Bleu series using produce from Peru. For several years now, Le Cordon Bleu has been using an original concept for its cookbooks: using French culinary techniques applied to whole range of different ingredients.

About Le Cordon Bleu

Since its origins in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu has published magazines, cookbooks and wine books for gourmet amateurs and professionals. Le Cordon Bleu publications are winners of many French and international awards such as the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, Jacob’s Creek World Food Media Awards and the Frankfurt Fair with a gold medal for one of our technical books.
Some of our series of 26 titles “Le Cordon Bleu Home Collection” have been translated into 18 languages, with sales reaching 8 million copies. In addition to widespread success among gourmet amateurs, Le Cordon Bleu books have also been selected as the official textbooks for culinary training in the United States.

Actively engaged in 15 countries with 30 schools, Le Cordon Bleu is recognized as one of the largest culinary arts and management institutes in the world. Le Bleu schools are located in North America, France, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, Australia, the Middle-East and South America. Le Cordon Bleu Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in hospitality management are offered in cooperation with major universities. Le Cordon Bleu has a tradition of excellence in the world of gastronomy and is committed to furthering the appreciation of fine food and the French “art de vivre”.

The London school, located on 114 Marylebone Lane, telephone +44 20 7935 3503, was founded in 1933 by a former Le Cordon Paris student. It offers full time professional training as well as short courses for amateurs and aficionados of French gastronomy.


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