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Le Cordon Bleu News, 06/18/2014
Matthieu Longuere MS wins Tasting Blind Club 2013-14
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Matthieu Longuere MS wins Tasting Blind Club 2013-14

Master Sommelier and Le Cordon Bleu London Wine Development Manager Matthieu Longuere has been crowned as the 2013-14 series winner of Wine Australia's Tasting Blind Club.

The 2013-14 series finale was held on 16th June 2014, revealing Matthieu Longuere as the top taster of the series. Over the last few months Master Sommelier Longuere as well as members of the UK wine trade, from across all channels have been testing their knowledge of Australian wines through a series of blind tastings highlighting the diversity of the country’s wines.

Recognised as a very strong figure in the UK wine trade, Matthieu Longuere has been working across leading restaurants in the UK for the last 20 years. He commented on his win “It was interesting to taste wine in a different context because I would have tasted some regions or some producers where you know what to expect, but not in a blind tasting.” he says.

“There’s been a huge difference between the regions as well as stylistic differences from one producer to another. I was used to blind tasting, but not so much about specific Australian regions and now this will help me to communicate more about Australia to my students at Le Cordon Bleu.”

Wine Australia UK Events and Education Manager Emma Harrison says the Tasting Blind Club has proven to be a successful way to showcase Australian wines to the industry: “We’ve seen several sommeliers, educators, students and press rise to the challenge and the positive feedback we’ve received suggests we’re successfully getting the Aussie word out there at all price points.”

Matthieu Longuere is currently overseeing the launch of one of Le Cordon Bleu London’s latest programmes: Diploma in Wine, Gastronomy and Management. The 6-month diploma has been developed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of wine, incorporating sensory analysis; production; food and wine pairing; marketing and business management.


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