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Le Cordon Bleu News, 10/14/2011
Michelin Starred Chef Tom Aikens Adds A New Ingredient To Le Cordon Bleu London’s Life-Changing Scholarship Opportunity
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Michelin Starred Chef Tom Aikens Adds A New Ingredient To Le Cordon Bleu London’s Life-Changing Scholarship Opportunity
Tom Aikens, Britain’s youngest ever chef to win two Michelin stars, is offering the lucky winner of the Le Cordon Bleu UK Scholarship Award 2011 the chance to work as an apprentice at his award winning restaurants.
The world renowned culinary school is offering students in the UK the chance to be awarded the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu UK Scholarship Award 2011, worth more than £30,000 (including accommodation in central London). The Scholarship and additional apprenticeship make for an unbeatable opportunity for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the food industry.
Aikens, one of the most exciting chefs in the UK today, will provide the student with hands-on restaurant experience for a period of nine months. The chef, famous for his Michelin starred London restaurant is offering the apprenticeship as an addition to the Le Cordon Bleu UK Scholarship Award 2011.
Starting in 2012 at Le Cordon Bleu’s new international flagship school of culinary arts located at Bloomsbury Square in the heart of London, the Scholarship represents a life-changing opportunity for one passionate 16 to 19 year old. Aikens has expressed his pleasure at being involved in the scheme:
“I am delighted to team up with Le Cordon Bleu London on this fantastic initiative. I want to offer young students who are passionate about food the chance to work alongside accomplished restaurant staff. The student will be able to experience firsthand many practical aspects of the restaurant business”.
Worth £46 billion to the UK economy, employing circa 2.44 million people and predicted to grow, the possibilities are endless in the UK hospitality and catering industry. The Government has expressed support for the Le Cordon Bleu Scholarship.
“The Government is committed to building an education and training system that equips learners with the skills that build successful careers and enable businesses to prosper and grow. I want more employers to follow Le Cordon Bleu London's lead in promoting opportunity and ambition, encouraging more bright young people to pursue vocational as well as academic excellence."
David Willetts – Cabinet Minister for Universities and Science and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
For a chance to win this Scholarship, applicants must post a short video clip on the Le Cordon Bleu UK Scholarship Award 2011 website (no longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds and a file size no larger than 250Mb) showing why they love food and cooking. They should demonstrate what interests them, what they know about Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, what their dream job is, and what inspires them in the kitchen. The winner will be chosen based on their passion and determination; no previous culinary experience is required.

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